baby names the sandlot baseball A High School Baseball Coach Let His Team Name His New Baby
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A high school baseball coach promised his team that if they won 14 games in a row, they could name his baby. They were not doing well this season so he must have thought it was a long shot. Well, they did it and they want to name him Benjamin Smalls, after two characters from The Sandlot.  

This video was made just before they won that 14th game: 

It seems like mom still has some veto power but they'll be pretty disappointed if she chooses something else now. In fact, apparently David Evans, the writer of The Sandlot dropped by to wish them well. 

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Baseball player Bryce Harper was just named National League MVP last week. He also let the entire world know he doesn't want to be a meme.

The trouble with that is he pronounced meme like "meh-may" and thus was turned into a meme.

An interview with Scott Van Pelt on SportsCenter is where the MVP was where the gaf happened.

And a new meh-may was born...

Welcome to the Internet, Bryce.

We are a cruel people.

Social Media Fail of the Day: Texas Governor Jinxes Astros With Premature Tweet
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Texas Governor Greg Abbott made a lot of Houston Astros fans angry today.

A congratulations tweet from an account run by his staff was inadvertently sent during the seventh inning of the Astros vs Kansas City game. The team was winning 6-2 at this point, but not for long.

Kansas City pulled an upset and went on to win 9-6. Many people on Twitter accused the Republican governor of jinxing the team.

The governor responded in his own sassy way.

The Astros will take on the Royals in game 5 Wednesday night due to Greg Abbott's curse.

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Lucille Fleming has a mean arm on her and she proved it at the Aug. 26 Rangers game.

The 103-year-old got to throw out the first pitch for the game, making one of her dreams come true.

She described the event as "heavenly" and said she recently survived a harrowing trip to the hospital in hopes that she could see her Rangers play.

Just look at that curve.

The Rangers should have kept Fleming on the mound because they didn't have too much luck against the Toronto Blue Jays that game. Fleming's favorite team lost 12-4.

Way to root for your home team, Lucille.

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The country experienced some very weird weather over the weekend, especially Colorado.

A group of storm chasers spotted the “Wizard of Oz” IRL Saturday in Eads, and they captured the unusual sight in the video above.

Rain-nado or Torn-bow? You decide.

A photo was also posted to Facebook and Twitter, with some commenters wondering if it was Photoshopped.

Although the video footage proves otherwise.

“Somewhere over the rainbow in Colorado today, there was another rainbow, with a tornado above it!” the Basehunters wrote on Facebook. “An incredible sight to witness in person!”

Sure it’s cool to see, but it’s probably not a great idea to try to find the pot of gold in this case.

Meanwhile in Denver, late season snow on Sunday made for some unpleasant conditions to play baseball, but they did anyway.

The Colorado Rockies tweeted pictures of Coors Field blanketed in snow Sunday ahead of theirafternoon game against the LA Dodgers.

Go home Mother Nature, you’re drunk.

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Kids, baseball bats and video cameras are never a good mix for anyone involved, and this new video is no exception.

In the clip, aptly titled “Sorry Dad,” a father is pitching the ball to his son on their front lawn.

He’s also trying to film the whole thing at the same time, which turned out to be a very poor decision.

Bad for him, entertaining for us.

Honestly, what did he expect would happen here?

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A woman named Gale brought her collection of old baseball cards to PBS' "Antiques Roadshow" and walked away feeling like a million bucks – because that's how much they turned out to be worth.

It is "the biggest sports memorabilia valuation" in the show's history.

"For me, it's as good as it gets," said
The cards were from the 1871-72 Boston Red Stockings team which included players like George Wright, Harry Wright and Albert Spalding.

Her great, great grandmother ran a boarding house in Boston where the players stayed, and they also wrote handwritten notes to her which are included in the woman's collection.

"I really couldn't believe that it could be worth that much,"
Gale said afterwards in shock.

She also says she would like to keep them in family rather than sell them.

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