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Here are some highlights from this week in politics:

Donald Trump likes horrible people:

  1. Trump this week enlisted hired Steve Bannon, the executive chairman of Breitbart News, and a right-wing media pundit who loves to argue to lead his campaign, because his camp doesn't have enough hot air swirling around it already.

  2. #SaysWho

    Donald Trump's lawyer is arguably more childish than he is:

Chefs for Hillary Needs Your Recipes

Hillary Clinton, long-time politician and food-eater, is enlisting chefs to create foods in her honor for a campaign called "Chefs for Hillary."

With current suggestions like, "Patriotic Penne Pie" and "Stars and Stripes Sugar Cookies," we think people can be a little more creative. How about we whip her up some "Criminal Justice Reform Meatloaf, "Labor and Workers' Rights Baked Potatoes," or "Small Business Tacos."

Bring em on, America.

Utah Lt. Gov. Cox Shows Human Side, Apologizes for Perpetuating Homophobia

Utah Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox, touched by the Orlando Massacre, was prompted to apologize for his past homophobia. In a poignant vigil in Salt Lake City on Monday he honored the victims and survivors, acknowledging his lacking in the past.

We still have a long way to go, but moments like this give me more faith in politicians.

Cards Against Humanity Wants Your Vote

Getting in on the political season, Cards Against Humanity has launched a campaign to get your vote. Watch here to participate, and all proceeds go toward... hrm, well, just pay attention:

America Votes with Cards Against Humanity from Max Temkin on Vimeo.


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Hillary Clinton's campaign with a new tool for Facebook and Twitter. It lets users put Trump quotes on their profile pictures. So go and Trump yourself!

Warning: using the app will give the campaign access to your profile and email address...

Fundraising emails from Hillary Clinton are apparently getting real desperate. The insistent wording from an email asking for money inspired the hashtag #ImNotKiddingMaddi and the memes that came from it. Guys, Hillary Clinton is not fooling around, she needs your dollar RIGHT THIS SECOND.

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Via: Mashable
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The typical reaction to an extremist militant group regurgitating your words to attract potential recruits, would generally encompass flipping the fu*k out.

Trump can't be phased. The Republican primary candidate merely brushed off the use of his words against Muslims by an Al-Qaeda affiliate, known as Al-Shabaab, as casually as he would tend to that fluffy golden Photoshop-airbrushed, hair-cloud on a lazy Sunday.

He launched predictably fiery jab, by guessing that all 'extremists' are prone to employing the words of any Republican presidential front-runner.

To wrap it all up, Trump addressed Hilary Clinton's recent unfounded allegation that an additional extremist group, the Islamic State, was using Trump as a pillar of its propaganda. He says the appearance of this Al-Shabaab video doesn't do way with the fact Clinton was wrong.

"It wasn't ISIS and it wasn't made at the time, and she lied," he said on Fox & Friends on Sunday.

Trump also dished out a little hurt on 'Slick Willy' afterwards.

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