Sassy Response of The Day: Fourth Grader Shows The Meaning of Girl Code on Math Homework
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The power of "Girl Code" is strong.

Fourth grader Maddy Douglas was filling out her math homework when she came up with this super sassy answer to a word problem.

The problem sets up a scenario where a group of 4 high school girls and boys go on different dates with each other. It's one of those awful matching problems where you have to find out who X went on a date with at X time.

Maddy wasn't having it.

"I can't answer this problem because my mom says acoording to girl code you shouldn't date a friends x boyfriend," she proudly wrote down.

Mom Jenn Douglas told The Huffington Post, ""Her teacher laughed at her answer and told her 'Good point.'"

Genius of The Day: This Kid Had The Best Answer Ever to a Simple Math Problem
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This kid is well ahead of the class. He's already discovered sarcasm.

A proud parent posted the hilarious answer on Reddit their student gave when asked to show work on a math problem.

And it is amazing.

The 6-year-old boy answered the math problem correctly. But instead of showing his work (Four dimes is $.40, which is greater than $.30) he drew this amusing stick figure.

"This is why my kid is going places," the boy's mother wrote.

Hold on mom, it looks like you have a genius on your hands!

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