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There's a new Santa in town, and this guy prefers to sit in your lap.

Yes, it seems Buddy the Elf's been promoted. Will Ferrel showed up at Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night looking like the unaborted lovechild of a Backstreet Boy and Mrs. Clause. Ferrel went on to drag out a fratastic dialogue, all the while clad in an all too revealing Christmas-themed cutoff that'd impress the likes of fashion titan Mugatu.

So make sure to be good this year, because we don't even want to know what happens to the dudes on the naughty list.

Case Claused.

Samantha Bee has a centaur centered comeback for Vanity Fair's talk show story.
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Earlier today, Vanity Fair tweeted out a promotion for their big story on what's so good about current late night programming.

You may notice it's a real sausage fest in there.

To be fair, Vanity Fair did mention the lack of gender diversity in their story:

What's conspicuously missing from late-night, still, is women. How gobsmackingly insane is it that no TV network has had the common sense—and that's all we're talking about in 2015, not courage, bravery, or even decency—to hand over the reins of an existing late-night comedy program to a female person?

And they did mention comedienne Samantha Bee's upcoming TBS late night talk show. She, however, decided to respond directly to the tweet, imagining herself in the picture with the rest of her peers.

And then followed up with the kicker:

Really, a Samantha Bee centaur shooting lasers out of her eyes says it all.

Well, the weekend happened. The first one after Labor Day.

Did it feel more like fall? Did you spend it watching football? Enjoying the last bit of summer?

However you laid back this weekend, you probably missed some of the best stuff that went down, Internet-side. That's where we come in.

Here's some of what happened over the last few days.

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