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WIlliam stout shared images from a Jurassic Park cartoon that never was.
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Sit back and let me tell you about the 1990s, my children. It was a time when the Internet barely existed, when most soft drinks were transparent and when every popular movie had an accompanying Saturday morning cartoon.

That honor was almost bestowed upon 1993's classic Jurassic Park, based on original images released by William Stout on his website.

Check out these images:

Moviefone got some more information from Stout about what became of the neat-looking cartoon:

"We made a trailer to communicate the look and feel of the series, also showing how we would combine computer animation with traditional animation. All we needed was Spielberg's approval.

"I heard through the grapevine that [Spielberg] never bothered to watch what we had done," Stout said. "By that time, the word was out that he was burnt out on 'Jurassic Park' merchandising and all of the film's commercial exploitation. So, it never got made. Too bad."

With the crazy success of Jurassic World, you'd almost expect them to be exploring this all over again.

Via: XVP Comedy
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Jurassic World has done pretty well for itself since it's release last month. It has already claimed the top box office spot in 2015 and is actually vying for the third highest grossing movie of all time.

It even did pretty well by critical standards, but there was one thing that annoyed many people: The fact that costar Bryce Dallas Howard kept wearing high heels throughout the whole rollicking adventure.

It sparked many online articles about the footwear as sexist costuming and about how maybe it's not really that sexist after all.

Hell even this woman who couldn't stop crying over how much she loved Jurassic World commented on how she thought Howard's continual use of high heels was "stupid".

Either way, these heroic people at XVP Comedy took the time to insert high heels into some of the most striking scenes through the past four dinosaur park movies.

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It's not uncommon for a poacher or hunter to receive harsh criticism and public shaming, but does it count when the animal in question goes WAY beyond the endangered species list?

Click here for a larger view of the top image and here for a larger view of the bottom image.

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