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Summer's almost over, but the fun can keep going all Autumn long with this Giant Cockroach Raft!

Just think--Dad puts the cover on the pool, you sneak out and hide this baby underneath it, next summer when he goes to open the pool BAM! HEART ATTACK!!

There's also this beauty that I'd love to ride:

I'm gonna ride this heat wave as long as possible, goddammit...

Fail of The Day: The Hottest New Toy Will Wreck Your Kid's Hair
Via: Amazon
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If you want your kid to hate you forever, this is what you should get them for Christmas.

Bunchems, this year's trendy toy for kids, is causing some major problems for children with long hair. Mainly, the tiny pieces used to create 3D artwork are ripping out all of their luscious locks.

The toy is supposed to make things like this...

But parents on Amazon are saying the pieces of the toy are a nightmare if caught in hair.

The Bunchems website does have a video tutorial on how to get them out of hair, and there are warnings on the box. it really worth it?

We'll stick with Gak.

Build of the Day: Man Creates Drivable, Adult-Size 'Little Tikes' Car
Via: BBC News
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Here's something to make you smile.

A British man has created a drivable, adult-size version of the classic Little Tikes car. And it could be all yours if you get the winning bid on Ebay.

The colorful car was created by Mechanic John Bitmead and his brother Geoff back in 2013, and has been used to raise money for children's charities across the country.

The car is listed at £21,500, or $33,264, and has about 5,000 miles on it.

Fox News Host Suing Hasbro Over Toy Hamster With Same Name Harris Faulkner
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Fox News host Harris Faulkner has a rodent problem. And she wants $5 million because of it.

In a lawsuit filed Monday in U.S. District Court in New Jersey, Faulkner is suing Hasbro because she says a "Little Toy Shop" hamster shares her name and likeness. The toy is also deemed a choking hazard, the suit says, which causes Faulkner distress for being associated with "harming small children."

She calls out "complexion, the shape of its eyes, and the design of its eye makeup" as evidence that the company stole her identity.

To be fair, the hamster does share the same name. But as far as looks go, you can decided that for yourself.

If you want to own your own little piece of Fox News history, Ebay has an original Harris Faulkner for $40.52.

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