Offensively Named Burger of the Day

Offensively Named Burger of the Day
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A Georgia restaurant called Chops & Hops has issued an apology after they dedicated a Black & Bleu Burger special to Chris Brown and Rihanna.

If that's not enough to leave a bad taste in your mouth, they had this to say about Friday's special: "Chris Brown won't beat you up for eating this unless your name starts with a R and ends with A."

After widespread criticism, the restaurant backed down and promised to make a donation to Project Safe, a domestic violence awareness and prevention organization.

"The owners of C&H would like to make sure everyone knows that we and our staff DO NOT SUPPORT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE," read a status on their Facebook page. "Many of us have been affected by domestic violence in some manner and realize that this is no joke."

Three years ago, Rihanna and Brown called it quits after he brutally attacked her. Despite their troubled history, the pair recently collaborated on two songs.