Viral Video of the Day: Southwest Airlines' Crash Landing Caught on Video

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While the dust has yet to settle from Asiana Flight 214's crash-landing in San Francisco earlier this month, there has been another hard landing incident in New York's LaGuardia Airport, as shown in this video footage captured by a passenger aboard the Southwest Flight 345. According to the airline's spokesperson, yesterday's incident at LaGuardia was caused by the plane's nose gear collapsing while landing, and luckily, aside from 10 people who suffered minor injuries, most passengers were able to walk off the plane without treatment.

George Costanza of the Day: A Smoking Guy in a Motorized Wheelchair Sets Off a Low-Speed Police Chase

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This guy's no O.J. Simpson.

A very low-speed police chase in Ohio gave led to some well-documented footage of the slowly escaping offender.

According to Complex:

After previously being escorted home by police following reports of the chain-smoking motorized wheelchair demon of speed careening through traffic just one day earlier, 34-year-old Graham Ley was once again the target of bemused police officers after receiving a call about "a man in a wheelchair [who] keyed a woman's car."

Shortly after police descended upon a cigarette-puffing Ley in the streets of Elyria, the daring motorist attempted to flee at roughly seven miles per hour — offering a cheerful thumbs-up to the person behind the camera. After a breathtakingly well-paced maneuver, Ley was eventually apprehended and charged with Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Arrest, and a handful of other annoyances.

It all, of course, brings George Costanza to mind...

B-Boys of the Day: This Tag Team Super Group Strikes Some Mean Poses with the Help of a Fly

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The competition was really heating up on the dance floor of this house until their next teammate was tagged into join the fray.

This video sure puts a new 'spin' on the term 'superfly'.

Of course, we've known for quite a while how talented flies are on their toes.

Future Nonsense of the Day: Invisible Cars are Almost Here, Folks.

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A variety of car manufactures have begun to make the car less of a viewing obstacle when you're driving around all those gnarly sk8r bois and CNET has put together a great round up of all the latest innovations.

One of the dumbest things highlighted in the video is a Mercedes Benz marketing campaign from a few years ago.

Regardless, we're so close to the impossible dream.

Drunk Wizard of the Day: Simon Pegg Apparates to The Tonight Show as an Inebriated Ron Weasley

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For the third time, Simon Pegg flexes his nerd muscles to appear on The Tonight Show as a sloppy drunk Ron Weasley.

The schtick is the same as it ever was: poor Ron Weasley has turned to drink after the world only cares about the exploits of the Boy Who Lived.

His heart's at least in the right place as he shows up on late night to wish his best friends a happy 35th birthday.

Things even have taken a turn for the worse as it appears Hermione left the penniless ginger (again) for someone, probably a Slytherin, else.

Jimmy Fallon tries to both cheer up the soused wizard and protect his talk show audience from Weasley's desire to show his junk.

Humor ensues.

The last time Drunk Ron Weasley appeared on The Tonight Show, it went just about as well.

Cat Call of the Day: Dudes Watch What Happens When Their Girlfriends Walk in New York City Alone

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In what is clearly a riff on the viral video of a woman walking alone on the street, Cosmopolitan decided to duplicate the experience, film it and then show it to the significant others.

What follows is an eye-opening realization for the men watching as they get a clear look at what the reality is like for women.

However, nothing can beat the horrors of walking down the street alone as a white man.

Feels of the Day: Jimmy Kimmel Chokes Up Talking About that Dentist Who Killed Cecil the Lion

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If you haven't heard about it by now, a dentist from Minnesota paid $50,000 to illegally kill a beloved and protected lion in Zimbabwe earlier this month.

The whole things seems to have gotten the better of the usually unflappable Jimmy Kimmel.

"It's just vomitous," he said while going on a tirade against the senseless killing of exotic trophy animals.

Kimmel actually grew emotional as he tried to understand the thought process of a big game hunter. It was a very tender moment for the often-cynical talk show host.

Adding to his credit, Kimmel wanted to bring some positive to story by circulating the web address of a conservation organization, and asked viewers to donate.

Way to make something good out of something that has caused a lot of Internet vitriol, Jimmy.