Hitchhiker of the Day: Cats Ride Black Rhinos in South Africa

South Africa catches cats riding rhinosaurus
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In South Africa, cats are just hopping on rhinos for the ride.

Check out this, probably very rude, kitty letting the rare black rhinoceros do all the work:

OK, OK, it's not exactly a cat. Rather, it's an animal called a genet. Genets are merely cat-like animals that are actually more closely related to mongooses.

But they look a lot like cats!

National Geographic gives an expert opinion of just what in the hell that cat genet is doing up there:

Craig Sholley, wildlife biologist and vice president of the African Wildlife Foundation, says genets likely jump on big herbivores to search for food.

For one, the genet eats insects that the rhino stirs up from the grass, the same technique cattle egrets use on grazing mammals. Sholley says it's also possible the nocturnal genet was searching for ticks that latch onto rhinos and buffaloes.

The rhino also offers the nocturnal, tree-dwelling animal a vantage point from which to scan for their prey, which includes anything from a dung beetle to a baby antelope.

Perching on a large, slow-moving animal could be a great hunting technique—until that animal-turned-lookout gets fed up.

Yeah, either that, or genets just have places to be and Uber hasn't rolled out to South Africa yet.

Reaction of the Day: Guy Creates Giant Whoopee Cushion, Cat is Not Amused

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Looks like we have a new Grumpy Cat on our hands.

YouTuber Onur Armagan tried to impress the Internet this week by showing off his massive whoopee cushion. (Note: It is very impressive.)

But his furry little friend was not as excited about it as he was.

“My cat hates me,” he writes in the caption. “I think she’s secretly been planning my demise since 2011. It’s only a matter of time.”

Animal of the Day: Ninja Cat Steals Treats While Hiding Under Bed

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Animal of the Day: Atchoum the Cat Might Actually Be an Evil Wizard

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Meet Atchoum, the 9-month-old creepy cat from Quebec who is winning over the Internet with his long hair and strange gaze.

His signature long hair is actually the result of a hormonal disorder called hypertrichosis, which makes him look more like a cute little werewolf or a wizard than a cat.

But that just adds to his allure.

Watch out Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub, there’s a new celebrity feline in town.

Here are some more photos of Atchoum and you can follow him on both Facebook and Instagram:






Animal of the Day: The Wizard of Cat Does Not Enjoy Being Mocked

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Can’t. Stop. Watching. This.

What exactly is going on here is unclear, but one thing is for sure: this cat is have a worse day than you are.

“Wizard of Cat” wishes you a happy Friday, and hopes someone comes to rescue him from this horrible nightmare.

Animal of the Day: Tiger Catches Meat in Slow Motion

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Tigger was right all along.

Their tops are made out of rubber, and their bottoms are made out of springs.

Watch this ferocious beast soar high into the air in slow motion to tear into a huge chunk of meat.

Animal of the Day: This is How Cats Play Ping Pong

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It doesn't take much for a cat to be amused.

This guy just needs a little ball on a string, and he'll be busy for hours.

Watch him play a solo game of mid-air ping pong using only his paw as a paddle.