Crazy Story of The Day: This Man's Parents Buried The Family Cat Only to Have it Reappear 30 Minutes Later
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Pet Cemetery is real.

Eric Schmidt posted the most fascinating story to Twitter this week, in which his family mourns the loss of their cat and its reappearance all in the same day.

Kitty, a 7-year-old pastel Calico, was missing from the family home in Indiana overnight and Dad had to tell everyone the bad news.

They found Kitty and had to bury her. Or did they really?

That's right, they buried the wrong cat, er um, rabbit.

Kitty is fine. And she's probably off somewhere laughing maniacally at her dumb humans

Cat Product of the Day: Get Your Stoner Cat a Purrscription to Meowijuana Premium Catnip
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Sometimes a cat needs to chill harder than it normally chills.

Sleeping all day and running around all night is a tiresome job that takes its toll on a cat. Luckily, there is a company that understands the struggle. Enter Meowijuana, "a Purrveyor of High Grade Organic Catnip developed exclusively for your little friend."

Ok, so there is no actual marijuana found in this premium catnip, even though their tagline is "For Cats Who Need the Weed." Just take look at these products...

You can even get your cat a purrsonalized ID to make things super legit.

What do you think, man?

RuPaws Drag Race Instagram shows a kitty dressing in the drag queen style.
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Sometimes all it takes to be great is a fantastic idea and a cooperative cat.

Those are the two things definitely on display over at the RuPaw's Drag Race Instagram feed.

The concept is simple — recreate notable outfits from RuPaul's Drag Race on a cat.

The execution is spectacular.

Even Ru herself receives the honor.

The feed itself doesn't give a clue as to what that sweet kitty's name is or who is behind this wonderful thing. It doesn't really matter, because the pictures speak for themselves.

Today is a beautiful day.

Via Mashable
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Happy Kitten Season!

While that may sound like a lovely time of year, filled with fluffy tummies and tiny meows, it actually refers to the time of year when animal shelters are hit the hardest. Around this time is when all of those amorous cats who copulated over the spring have their litters. Many don't have happy healthy homes and so are stuck within shelters.

Mashable introduced an IRL cat video to help draw attention to the need for rescue help.

While there's definitely enough space for infinite cats on the Internet, finding space in animal shelters is a different story. Mashable teamed up with ASPCA to shed light on "kitten season." Between the months of April and October, shelters across the country find themselves flooded with kittens in desperate need of homes. To get involved, whether you're looking to volunteer, donate or adopt, visit an animal shelter near you.

If you need a new friend or know someone who does, you can find the nearest shelter here.

You actually can make this a Happy Kitten Season for yourself. Go and rescue!

A man called 911 because a cat stole his bacon.
Via King5
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So, a very upset Englishman had a problem that would only happen in your nightmares.

His girlfriend let the cat eat his bacon and he desperately wants the police to come in and assert some justice. His suffering cannot be measured and has sent shockwaves across the globe for those who crave righteousness for such a heinous situation.

News outlets are reporting it even over the pond.:

An Englishman called the emergency line for the West Yorkshire Police recently to report that his girlfriend had let his feline eat his bacon. And not only that, but he wanted to move forward with charges on both the kitty and the girlfriend.

Here's a video that includes the audio of that very important emergency phone call in question:

If this man cannot find justice, where does it exist in the world?

South Africa catches cats riding rhinosaurus
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In South Africa, cats are just hopping on rhinos for the ride.

Check out this, probably very rude, kitty letting the rare black rhinoceros do all the work:

OK, OK, it's not exactly a cat. Rather, it's an animal called a genet. Genets are merely cat-like animals that are actually more closely related to mongooses.

But they look a lot like cats!

National Geographic gives an expert opinion of just what in the hell that cat genet is doing up there:

Craig Sholley, wildlife biologist and vice president of the African Wildlife Foundation, says genets likely jump on big herbivores to search for food.

For one, the genet eats insects that the rhino stirs up from the grass, the same technique cattle egrets use on grazing mammals. Sholley says it's also possible the nocturnal genet was searching for ticks that latch onto rhinos and buffaloes.

The rhino also offers the nocturnal, tree-dwelling animal a vantage point from which to scan for their prey, which includes anything from a dung beetle to a baby antelope.

Perching on a large, slow-moving animal could be a great hunting technique—until that animal-turned-lookout gets fed up.

Yeah, either that, or genets just have places to be and Uber hasn't rolled out to South Africa yet.

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Looks like we have a new Grumpy Cat on our hands.

YouTuber Onur Armagan tried to impress the Internet this week by showing off his massive whoopee cushion. (Note: It is very impressive.)

But his furry little friend was not as excited about it as he was.

“My cat hates me,” he writes in the caption. “I think she’s secretly been planning my demise since 2011. It’s only a matter of time.”