Via: How To Make Everything
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Everything is so easily available to us, it's tough to remember just how much work goes into making a simple sandwich.

Well, one of the guys from How to Make Everything decided to dedicate six months of his life and $1,500 to find out just how much it takes.

This guy does everything from harvesting wheat for bread to going to the ocean to get salt. Along the way, he milks a cow for the butter, grows a garden for the vegetables , kills a chicken for the protein and so much more.

So much of this surely springs from the artisanal impulses of us millennials to make something ourselves and shorten the removal that convenience brings.

It reminds us of The Toaster Project from a few years ago, where a guy set out to make a toaster completely from scratch.

The thing barely worked.

So, sandwich guy wins this round.


DIWhy of the Day: People are Making Their Own Selfie Sticks Out of Common Household Ingredients

You know how it is. You're sitting around with your bros or your gal pals and have the immense need to take a group selfie.

No one has a long enough arm to capture everyone.

And there's no one around who can take it for you.

And all you have is a bunch of Slim Jims.

stick selfie stick DIWHY cane DIY selfie hanger - 582661
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Via: AWE me
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It feels like the closer we get to the end of 2015 (the year in which Back to the Future part II was set), the more anxious we are to see the full realization of the hoverboard.

The most recent example is this video wanting to delicately assist you in creating your own replica from the streets of Hill Valley. And it won't be the last.

The last we heard of it was this one that Lexus claims to have designed and built.

Remember that?

Well, this DIY video only goes as far as a step by step instruction on how to make a look alike of the famous prop, but it's still something neat to do.

Get off your lazy butt and go make a pretend hoverboard like an adult.

Via: Grant Thompson - "The King of Random"
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So you're not a rocket scientist. No problem!

All you need to create your own launch kit is a box of matches, aluminum foil and some wooden skewers.
,br/> Grant Thompson (aka "The King of Random") demonstrates how this is done in the video above, and you can download the template if you sign up on his website.

The homemade rockets will leave a trail of smoke and can travel over 40 feet.