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Four suited-up gentlemen gave patrons of the classy Vue de Monde restaurant in Melbourne's Rialto Towers quite a thrill when they suddenly dashed towards the balcony and lept off.

The foursome turned out to be BASE jumpers ditching a tab at the restuarant's Lui Bar in spectacular style.

According to owner Shannon Bennett, the men entered the restroom in succession shortly before the stunt, where they put on their parachutes, and then headed straight for the 55th floor balcony and jumped.

The 886-ft. skyscraper, noted for being the tallest office building in the Southern Hemisphere (floor to roof), has 56 stories in all.

The identities of the jumpers have yet to be revealed, but Bennett says they all wore helmet-cams, so he expects to see footage of dine-and-jump on YouTube "pretty soon."

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