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As expected, a fog of war is looming over the Gaza Strip (and on Twitter) following the Israeli Defense Force's air strikes yesterday that killed the Hamas military commander Ahmed al-Jabari and Hamas' retaliatory missile attacks overnight. As of 5:30 p.m. (ET) today, three Israelis and 19 Palestinians have been confirmed as casualties of the hostile exchange, during which 250 target sites were struck by the IDF and 274 rocket missiles were launched by Hamas militants. The toll is expected to rise as IDF reportedly began mobilizing 30,000 reserves along the border. Meanwhile on Twitter:

  • The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) took the news of airstrike operations to Twitter as its jets began attacking.
  • Within minutes, Hamas announced that its top leader had been assassinated by Israeli planes via Twitter.
  • Around the same time, IDF spokesman's office uploaded videos of air strike footage onto YouTube.
  • Twitter users responded with pro-Israeli #PillarOfDefense and pro-Palestinian #GazaUnderAttack hashtags.

You Saw This Coming of the Day is a feature series following the latest news in current events that have been on the ticking clock, as well as news and social media commentaries that are predictable or cyclical in nature.

Impending S**tstorm of the Day: Israeli Air Strike in Gaza City Kills the Military Leader of Hamas

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Palestine's Islamist group Hamas took a serious blow to its leadership today after a series of Israeli military air strikes killed Ahmed al-Jabari, the commander of Hamas' military wing. The military operation in Gaza was largely launched in response to the recent wave of rocket attacks from the Hamas-controlled region that targeted Israeli territories and as a result, "a significant number of long-range rocket sites" have been destroyed, according to the Israel Defense Force officials. In reacting to the news, Hamas released a statement denouncing the air strikes as the basis for its "declaration of war" against Israel and further warned that "the Israeli occupation will regret and pay a high price."

UPDATED (1:45PM PT): IDF released the raw footage of the air strike via YouTube.