Streisand Effect of the Day: Pat Robertson's Deranged "Gay AIDS Ring" Theory Goes Viral

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The controversial Christian talk show host Pat Robertson has fallen victim to the Streisand Effect after unsuccessfully trying to get rid of a YouTube video clip in which he claims that San Francisco gay men with AIDS have been intentionally trying to spread the virus by cutting people with "special rings" on the pretext of shaking hands.

Uganda's Parliament Speaker Says "Kill the Gays" Bill Will Pass Before 2013

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Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill, a legislative proposal that was introduced in 2009 to prosecute the gay population across the country, will be put to vote before the end of this year, according to the Speaker of the Parliament Rebecca Kadaga. If passed, all same-sex relations will be categorized into two classes of offense: "aggravated homosexuality," in which an offender would receive the death penalty, or "the offense of homosexuality" in which an offender would receive life imprisonment.

This Is All Kinds Of Right of the Day

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Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe made headlines in September when he penned the most perfect letter ever to a Maryland politician who opposes gay marriage.

Now Kluwe, who is straight and married, has gone even further in his support of gay marriage.

In addition to posing for the latest cover of leading gay lifestyle magazine Out, tonight Kluwe will debate against Minnesota's proposed marriage amendment (which defines marriage as between one man and woman).

Unfortunately, it looks as though Kluwe will debate an empty chair -- amendment supporters Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and former Viking Matt Birk both declined his debate invites.

This Is Cool, You Should Check It Out of the Day

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The band Fun. and fashion designer Rachel Antonoff have teamed up to create The Ally Coalition, your online guide to LBGTQ rights (or lack of rights), in your state.

Bonus: Opportunities for activism and stuff!

Heartwarming Tearjerker of the Day

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LGBT celebs remind us: It's about people, not politics.

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Show Of Support of the Day

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When 24-year-old Odd Future member Frank Ocean admitted on Tumblr last week to falling in love with a man, it was quite the shock to the hip-hop world, notorious for its tendency to disparage gays.

Nonetheless, Ocean's bandmate Tyler, the Creator tweeted a classy congrats, and Def Jam's Russell Simmons said Ocean "changed the game" for hip hop in a positive way.

Now, industry royalty Beyoncé and Jay-Z have joined the ranks of Ocean's supporters.

Beyoncé, whose track "I Miss You" was written by Ocean, posted a pic of Ocean to her site over the weekend. The overlay reads:

Be fearless / Be honest / Be generous / Be brave / Be poetic / Be open / Be free / Be yourself / Be in love / Be happy / Be inspiration.

Beyoncé's show of support was one-upped only by hubby Jay-Z -- a powerful missive to Ocean (penned by dream hampton) on his site is more than worth a full read, but here's the money excerpt:

We admire the great courage and beauty and fearlessness in your coming out, not only as a bisexual Black man, but as a broken hearted one. The tender irony that your letter is to a boy who was unable to return your love until years later because he was living a lie is the only truly tragic detail about your letter.


Olympic Hopeful of the Day

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Diving phenom Jordan Pisey Windle, at just 13, is the youngest ever to qualify for the U.S. Olympic diving trials, which will be held in Seattle later this month.

But Jordan's also a young standout in the LGBT community. Adopted from Cambodia as a baby and raised by two gay dads, he recently released his own "It Gets Better" spot, and he will serve as the grand marshal for Central Indian's upcoming Pride Parade.

Despite his increasing notoriety, Jordan isn't too preoccupied with his upbringing: "I've never actually thought about it," he says.

And the youngster's sights are set on Rio de Janeiro if he doesn't make London.

"This is a good setup for 2016," says mentor Greg Louganis, a four-time Olympic gold medalist. "This is a time to learn. It's a learning process and a journey."