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Right before Tom Frankenburg and his girlfriend split up, he'd purchased a week-long vacay for two in Malta, complete with airfare, four-star accommodations, and car rental.

Heartbroken and without a back-up plan, the 22-year-old turned to the Internets, asking people who think they deserve the trip to email him. "I had this holiday that I couldn't go on. I couldn't sell it. I couldn't get a refund. I was pretty stuck," he explains.

Frankenburg will give the trip in its entirety to the most deserving recipient:

The majority of responses are not people nominating themselves, it's actually people nominating other people which is really nice actually, that people are doing that.

He hopes his story will inspire people to do other good deeds. "I'm spreading this message of taking control of your life," he says. "If things go badly it's not the end of the world."