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The actress who played Carmen Sandiego has been found, and now we can all high-five ourselves for winning the game!

In a episode-worthy EPIC level of sleuthing (stalking?), Todd Van Luling, a writer for the Huffington Post, tracked down the actress who played Carmen on "Where in Time Is Carmen Sandiego?" which premiered in the fall of 1996. Kids everywhere OBSESSED over finding Carmen and stopping her from stealing the Brooklyn Bridge and other crazy capers.

But did the actress who played Carmen make it easy to find her? Oh no, she hid as only Carmen Sandiego can, and he went looking for clues to her whereabouts by scouring the credits list for clues...

...but finding no one billed as "Carmen," so he visited cities, interviewed suspects, and emailed every person with even a remotely similar name to his suspects list:

Would he ever find out who the REAL Carmen Sandiego was??

Follow the whole caper and discover who Carmen Sandiego REALLY is here.

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Here's a picture of professional cluster-balloonist Jonathan Trappe flying in a house over the city of Leon in Mexico during the last week's Leon International Balloon Festival. While this isn't the first time we've seen real life tributes to the famous floating house from Pixar's 2009 animated adventure film Up, Trappe became the first human to travel aboard such device.

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