Social Media Fail of the Day: ISIS Creates Social Network ‘Khelafabook,’ Anonymous Reportedly Takes It Offline

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Between threats from Anonymous and a new crackdown from Twitter, ISIS is having a tough time reaching out and recruiting new psychopaths online.

To circumvent the censorship, the Islamic militant group has reportedly created its own social network called “Khelafabook.”

The Facebook clone claims it is independent and not actually sponsored by ISIS (even though it has ISIS logos all over its homepage). It says its goal is to show the world that they don’t only “live in caves” and “carry guns,” and they vow to “will rule the world by Allah’s permission.”

Khelafabook was set up by a man in Mosul, Iraq, according to The Independent, and is hosted in Egypt. There’s also an associated Twitter account which is linked to from the site.

The site first popped up last week, but has already been taken offline “to protect the info and details of its members,” according to a message on the page.


After it was taken down, Twitter accounts associated with Anonymous appeared to claim responsibility, as Vocativ points out.

For the the time being they’ll have to look elsewhere to share their terrorist pancake recipes.

Hack of the Day: Anonymous Shuts Down Government Websites in Florida

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Remember that video of the 90-year-old man who was arrested for feeding the homeless in Ft. Lauderdale?

So does Anonymous. And the hackers decided to do something about it Monday in typical Anonymous fashion - with a cordial debate and months of planning and petitioning. Kidding - they hacked the hell out of them.

The group posted a video on YouTube warning the city that it would shut down its municipal websites if it didn't overturn a number of its homeless and panhandling regulations.

"It has come to our attention that Mayor John P. Seiler has become an embarrassment to the good law-abiding citizens of Fort Lauderdale," says the voice in the video. "You are a disgrace."

Soon after, they followed through with their promise, and a number of sites including the police department's were briefly out of commission.

But did it do anything to change the mayor's mind about the laws? Not in the least.

"I don't think we're going to be revisiting this ordinance anytime soon," Seiler said.

When the Ku Klux Klan Promised "Lethal Force" Against Ferguson Protesters, Anonymous Struck Back

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Over the weekend, reports emerged that the Ku Klux Klan passed out fliers and warnings indicating they would enact "lethal force" against Ferguson protesters should they display aggression in response to the grand jury hearing of the Michael Brown shooting.

Hactivist group Anonymous did not take kindly to these threats.

As of the morning November 16, the Ku Klux Klan still had control over their own tweets, as you're seeing from their official Twitter feed here (who knew that abject hate could be so tuned in to social media trends?). Just later that evening Anonymous seized the Twitter account to use to their own ends, changing its profile picture to their own iconic image and tweeting things like this:

The moral of the story is the same as always: Just don't bother getting on Anonymous's bad side.

Anonymous Job of the Day

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Anonymous has been running on a busy schedule for the past couple of days, infiltrating and defacing a number of commercial and entertainment websites like ImageShack, Symantec, Paypal and NBC Saturday Night Live, not to mention its ambitious plan to bring down Zynga and Facebook. The latest hacking spree was launched in observance of the Guy Fawkes Day, an annual commemoration of the failed Gunpowder Plot against King James I of England in 1605, which has become an unofficial holiday for the Anonymous movement in recent years.

How To of the Day

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How To of the Day: Remembered the 5th of November, but forgot your Guy Fawkes mask? Self-taught makeup artist Erin Lynn shows you how to transform your face into the iconic countenance of the infamous Gunpowder Plot planner.


Demonstration Aid of the Day

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Demonstration Aid of the Day: Just in time for the 5th of November, Matthew Borgatti's foldable OWS/Guy Fawkes bandana mask is now available for pre-order on Etsy, and comes complete with printed "protesting advice about dealing with police, sharing your location, who to call in the event of legal troubles, and more."

Sure, it'll set you back $16.50, but at least y

Drug War of the Day

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Drug War of the Day: The hacker collective known as Anonymous released a video statement recently, warning Los Zetas -- one of Mexico's most notorious drug cartels -- that it would release identities of its collaborators and names of its money-laundering fronts if the syndicate did not return a k