stephen hawking warns oxford crowd that humanity will be gone in 1000 years
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Ugh. You know, some of us are just trying to enjoy the party that is life, and along comes Stephen Hawking to lets us know just how close we are from total extinction. 1,000 years? Come on, dude. We’re trying to party over here.

This is humanity, ok?

via YouTube

The Washington Post reports that during a hour-long speech at the Oxford University Union in England, Stephen Hawking ruined what was probably a really cool party by telling the audience that even if we make it through “the rise of artifial intelligence, the ravages of climate change, and the threat of nuclear terrorism in the next century,” we’ll still be facing mass extinction. Dude, you're harshing my mellow.

“I don’t think we will survive another 1,000 years without escaping beyond our fragile planet,” said Professor Stephen Hawking, author of A Brief History of Time and eternal party pooper. “We must also continue to go into space for the future of humanity.”

Look, we’re just trying to sit back, have a cold soda pop, and wear these rockin’ shades. Meanwhile, we didn’t expect Professor Hawking to come home so early and tell us all that “Earth’s dominant species will continue to eat through the planet’s resources at an alarming rate, leaving Earth battered and bruised and quickening its inevitable end,” according to The Daily Express. *record scratch* Yeesh. Who brought that guy?

Fine. You know what? We’re tired anyway. We’re going to sleep. We’ll clean up the party in the morning.


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Rose McGowan, an American actress released the following statement regarding her general disapproval of the X-Men: Apocalypse poster:

‘There is a major problem when the men and women at 20th Century Fox think casual violence against women is the way to market a film.'

She went on to wrap up her interview with Hollywood Reporter, regarding the matter, with:

"I’ll close with a text my friend sent, a conversation with his daughter. It follows: ‘My daughter and I were just having a deep discussion on the brutality of that hideous X-Men poster yesterday. Her words: 'Dad, why is that monster man committing violence against a woman?' This from a 9-year-old. If she can see it, why can’t Fox?"

The poster, as you can see from above depicts the villain Apocalypse essentially choking the living sh*t out of Mystique. McGowan's not the only one to step forward to express some outrage. The internet reactions are already running amok, check 'em out below. Because if you're like me, you probably had no idea who the heck Rose McGowan was..

What do you guys make of all this?

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If there's one thing we learn from this 90's cartoon spinoff on the recent X-Men Apocalypse trailer, it's that Oscar Isaac has a profoundly ominous voice. The dude doesn't even need the proverbial evil laugh.

Then there's the moment you realize this trailer got you more pumped for the movie than the actual trailer.

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Sorry, you guys. Maybe the world can end next time.

As we wrote about last week, there were a few megachurch preachers who were really, really, really, banking on last nights super blood moon to mark the start of Revelations and bring on the apocalypse already. Well, we're sad to say it didn't.

What we can say is that it provided one super beautiful spectacle in the sky. Numerous people took advantage and shot some lovely time lapse videos that we can watch, wistfully remembering a more hopeful time when we were planning for the rapture.

If you slept through the eclipse, and the cancelled Armageddon, you may be wondering just what in the hell a super blood moon is. A super moon is when a full moon is at its closest orbit to Earth and the blood moon part indicates the fourth lunar eclipse this year. The two coincided and we were hoping the world would be bathed in the cleaning flames of infinite justice. But nope.

The next super blood moon will occur in 2033. So, stalk up on water and canned goods. Plenty of time to build that fall out shelter.

Preachers think Sunday's blood moon marks the end of the world again.
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It's time to dust off your old fallout bunker, the world is ending on Sunday again.

Two big ol' megachurch preachers claim that this week's fourth blood moon, being a series of lunar eclipses, signal the beginning of Armageddon. And it's about damn time, right?

Pastor Mark Blitz told the Daily Express:

"It was prophesied that there would be earthquakes at increased levels before the return of the Messiah and they were to be likened to birth pangs.

"With the increase in activity and the increase in magnitude I definitely see it as being but another sign along with the signs in the heavens that we are at the door."

New York Times best-selling Preacher John Hagee talked to the Express as well, just hedged his bets a little more.

"To have four and have them fall on these exact dates is something that has to be beyond coincidental.

"Even Jesus himself, in the Book of Luke, states there 'will be signs in the sun, moon and stars' and to 'lift up your heads for redemption draws nigh'.

"It just says 'when you see these signs' - and four blood moons is a very significant one - 'the end of this age is coming."

You know he's right because he wrote the book on it.

Something is. It could be anything, really. But there will be change. We don't know what, exactly but we promise that some big or small change will happen somewhere, sometime after this Sunday.

Well Epic Times doesn't believe it.

This so-called tetrad series of eclipses that is making the rounds online as a potential harbinger of doom, due in part to a recent book on the four blood moons that makes the dubious claim.

...What is unusual about this series is that it consists of four total lunar eclipses in a row. Called a tetrad, such a series of four total eclipses in a row is a fairly rare event. The last such series happened in the years 2003 and 2004. It will only occur seven more times in the current century.

Wait. This happened only 11 years ago? And again the year before? Why didn't the world end then?

There's just probably something I'm not getting. You know what they say, "Astronomy works in mysterious ways."

So, there you go. There's nothing for us to do but sit back and turn the mystery crank with the feeling of bliss for the coming of Revelations' fulfillment.

Via Jalopnik
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This is CNN, and this… is the end of the world.

That's probably the last thing you will hear right before this video is aired on live television, as the the zombies tear through your neighborhood, the aliens blast through the White House or a giant asteroid crashes into the Earth's surface.

Jalopnik writer Michael Ballaban, who used to be an intern at The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, has unearthed this "Doomsday Video" that CNN will reportedly play at the end of the world. He found it on their database one day with a note to "HFR [hold for release] till end of the world confirmed."

Regarding their final broadcast, CNN's founder Ted Turner once told The New Yorker:

"Normally, when a TV station begins and ends the broadcast day, it signs on and off by playing the national anthem. But with CNN — a 24-hour-a-day channel — we would only sign off once, and I knew what that would mean. So we got the combined Armed Forces marching bands together — the Army, Navy, Marine and Air Force bands — and took them out to the old CNN headquarters, and we had them practice the national anthem for a videotaping. Then, as things cranked up, I asked if they'd play 'Nearer, My God, to Thee' to put on videotape just in case the world ever came to an end. That would be the last thing CNN played before we — before we signed off."
In a note on the site, Ballaban says they won't disclose any details about who actually leaked the video to them.

"It's not something we've been sitting on since I was an intern in 2009. While I've been aware of its existence since then, it was only acquired after I came onboard here at Jalopnik," he writes.

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A UPS driver who makes regular deliveries to a nursing home recently stopped off per his usual routine and discovers quite a different scene. The depiction on his Youtube channel describes it best:

So I drive for UPS and I get to this nursing hospital that I literally deliver to every day. There are no cars outside, no signs of life at all. The door is open so I walk in and there isn't a soul there. No patients, workers, nothing. The lights are on and there is stuff scattered like it's been raided during the apocalypse. It was very creepy walking in.

What do you think about all of this? Is it a setup?