Performance Art of The Day: People Are Sticking Their Arms Into This Wall For Surprise Tattoos
Via: NY Times
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How much do you trust strangers?

These people trust strangers. A lot.

Popular New York tattoo artist Scott Campbell is giving people tattoos for free. All they have to do is stick their arm through a hole and have no input as to what tattoo he will give them.

This is all part of Whole Glory, a one-man installation and performance taking place this week in NYC. The lucky few selected through a lottery get a 1-hour session where Campbell gives them a tattoo somewhere on their arm.

His creations are pretty cool, so for a very trusting person this might be a fun exercise.

Here are some of the surprise creations from Instagram...

Art of The Day: 'The Monster Project' Brings Kid's Drawings to Life
Via: Monster Project
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A monstrous Kickstarter project is bringing kid's artwork to life.

The Monster Project collects kid's monster drawings from around the world and enlists a team of professional artists to make them a reality.

The project was started to encourage an appreciation for art at a young age.

Here's what the project's website has to say:

With a decreasing emphasis on arts in schools, many children don't have the opportunity for creative exploration they deserve. That's a monstrous trend we would like to destroy. As artists ourselves, we understand how important that initial creative exposure is and how it can truly alter the shape of a child's future.

Fail of The Day: Museum Cleaners Tossed This Art Installation Because They Thought it Was Trash
Via: IBT
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Cleaners at the Museion modern art gallery in Bolzano, Italy thought a recent art installation was trash.


The modern art piece entitled "Where are we going to dance tonight?," which features the leftovers of a dance party, was inadvertently tossed in the rubbish bin by cleaners.

From International Business Times:

Meant to represent consumerism, hedonism and the blending of revelry and politics of 1980s Italy, the installation depicted the aftermath of a party, with empty champagne bottles, confetti and cigarette stubs scattered all over the floor.

So, when a cleaning lady attended to tidy up the premises, she assumed the items was a pile of rubbish. Gallery curator Letizia Ragaglia said the mistake was partially due to the fact that the employee was new at the museum and thus unfamiliar with its exhibitions.

Luckily, the trash bags had not been thrown away when the museum discovered the mistake.

Disney mostly shows their princesses in an innocent light, what with the films being made for children and all.

But Los Angeles-based artist Andrew Tarusov had another idea.

He has worked on a striking series, called 'Princess Pin Up', and shared it all on his Instagram account.

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A kid fell on a $1.5 million painting in Taiwan.
Via: The Telegraph
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This kid may love art, but he doesn't have to use it as a crutch.

Some poor, uncoordinated tween lost his balance and unfortunately found it again in a 350-year-old painting in Taiwain.

Even more unfortunately for him, they released the surveillance footage of this clumsy person, struggling with the awkwardness of his growing body.

The Telegraph gives more details:

The 12-year-old lost his footing next to the 17th century Paolo Porpora oil painting called Flowers, valued at $1.5 million (£950,000), at a Leonardo da Vinci show at Huashan 1914 Creative Park in Taipei on Sunday.

He lost his balance, stumbled over the safety rope and pressed a can of soda into the painting to steady himself in the security footage released by the exhibition organisers.

Andrea Rossi, the exhibition curator, said the boy seemed "nervous" and asked that he not be blamed for the damage. The family will not be asked to pay the restoration costs.

They did confirm with a local news source that the painting is insured and this kid's ensuing teenage years will not have to further suffer under the weight of crushing debt, leaning on him as he did that work of art.

This is what the painting looked like pre-kid:

And here's the hole he made:

Here are some museum experts trying to assess the damage done.

We're sorry to say it, kid. But this will not be the last inelegant thing to happen to you in adolescence.

It just doesn't get any cuter or more imaginative than this.

Every day for the past four years, photographer and delightfully creative person, Tatsuya Tanaka has found something in every day life to inspire a tiny scene.

He collects them all on his website Miniature Calendar tracking the days with picture after picture of a charming tableau.

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WIlliam stout shared images from a Jurassic Park cartoon that never was.
Via: moviefone
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Sit back and let me tell you about the 1990s, my children. It was a time when the Internet barely existed, when most soft drinks were transparent and when every popular movie had an accompanying Saturday morning cartoon.

That honor was almost bestowed upon 1993's classic Jurassic Park, based on original images released by William Stout on his website.

Check out these images:

Moviefone got some more information from Stout about what became of the neat-looking cartoon:

"We made a trailer to communicate the look and feel of the series, also showing how we would combine computer animation with traditional animation. All we needed was Spielberg's approval.

"I heard through the grapevine that [Spielberg] never bothered to watch what we had done," Stout said. "By that time, the word was out that he was burnt out on 'Jurassic Park' merchandising and all of the film's commercial exploitation. So, it never got made. Too bad."

With the crazy success of Jurassic World, you'd almost expect them to be exploring this all over again.

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