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Remember a few weeks ago when an election was happening and a really sad cake was delivered to Trump Tower? Sure, you do.

That cake has been forever burned in our memories as #TrumpCake, the internet sensation that took the Donald Trump’s unmistakable visage and turned it into a frosted Rorschach test. Even before anyone had a chance to slice it, Twitter had a field day with it. Was it happy? Was it sad? Did it look like actor Rutger Hauer? Did somebody say cake?

via I Beat Nemesis

Now, The New York Daily News caught up with the 24-year-old artist behind this inedible mixture of sugar and tape. In this short profile with artist and baker Melissa Alt, the Daily News divulges the artist’s history and process. We also get a peak behind the cake she made for Hillary, which isn’t as scary as the Trump one, but what is?

Check out the video behind this fascinating pastry.

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Via Esquire
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It seems Donald Trump's VP nominee--the super-religious, anti-woman, Indiana Governor Mike Pence--used to draw cartoons called "Law School Daze" for the school newspaper back during his own law school days at Indiana University's Robert H. McKinney School of Law.

The boring cartoons may just give us more insight into his future policies now that he's on the national stage, so let's analyze them and see what makes him tick!

Here we see his future plans for underfunding education:

His idolization of ass-kissing and why he is psyched to be Trump's right-hand man:

...and his ability to plan for the future of our Country:

Pence IRL is just as forgettable as his drawings, though he's been a dick for most of his political life.

Here's to hoping we can see some of this behavior in a VP debate come Fall:

Instagram of The Day: Artist is Sharing The 'Good News' With Punny Street Signs
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Have you heard the good news?

South African artist Jaco Haasbroek is out to make sure that you do.

His art project, The Good News, places posters of happy news (often with puns) around the city to brighten people's day.

He told Mashable he started the project after seeing a missing dog sign that said "STOLEN."

"It's quite sad when someone loses a pet," he said. "The idea popped into my head that by simply adding 'Our Hearts' at the bottom of the poster, it would completely change its meaning and turn into something positive."

You can check out more of the project on Haasbroek's Instagram.


Commitment of the Day: One Man Plans to Draw All 100,000+ Items in His Late Grandfather's Tool Shed

Lee John Phillips has big plans for all the little things his grandfather left behind in tool shed.

As the Welsh artist says on his personal website:

I am currently cataloguing the entire contents of my late grandfather's tool shed. I estimate the project to take around 5 years and will involve me illustrating in excess of 100,000 items.
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