Audiobook of the Day: Bryan Cranston Voices Sequel to ‘Go the [Bleep] to Sleep’

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What's better than hearing Samuel L. Jackson tell a bunch a of kids to go the f--k to sleep?

Hearing Bryan Cranston tell a bunch of kids that they have to f--king eat, that's what.

The "Breaking Bad" star narrates the new children's book by Adam Mansbach, which is available for free on Amazon through December 12.

And you know what happens if you don't eat, right?

Here's a clip of the audiobook:

Audiobook of the Day

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And now, to stop your Friday morning dead in its tracks: Fifty Shades Of Grey, as read aloud by the biggest name in voiceovers, Gilbert Gottfried. Brillz.

(Not Safe For Work, mommy pr0n AND Gilbert F*cking Gottfried.)