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Snapchat of the Day: Malia Obama Spotted Playing Beer Pong at Brown University
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BREAKING NEWS: College kids like to play beer pong.

A Snapchat image gathered by The Daily Caller appears to show President Obama's oldest daughter, Malia, playing a game of beer pong.

The high school senior was reportedly attending a frat party at Brown University as part of her college touring process.

But Malia might want to reconsider choosing Brown. The students there appear to be a bunch of snitches that have absolutely no chill.

It has been noted on social media that everyone should calm down about Malia playing a game of beer pong.

Bush twins, anyone?

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After launching his new show with a bevy of jokes on Donald Trump, Stephen Colbert decided it would be a nice idea to invite the GOP front running candidate for the presidency on The Late Show.

So, Sept. 22, it happened.

It certainly wasn't the best interview Colbert has had on his show so far, that honor goes to the the emotional chat with Vice President Joe Biden. But still it was a civilized conversation in which Trump still would not say whether President Obama was born in America.

Then they played a little game:

All in all, a solid night at The Late Show.

Obama, zuckerberg and more compliment Ahmed and offer support.
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Ever since the news broke about 9th grader Ahmed Mohamed getting arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school, #IStandWithAhmed has exploded and support has come from some very powerful people.

First, the President complimented the clock and extended an invite to the White House.

Then Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg applauded Ahmed's ingenuity and desire to build. And also extended an invitation to the company.

You’ve probably seen the story about Ahmed, the 14 year old student in Texas who built a clock and was arrested when he...

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Support also came from politicians, comedians and businesses.

POTUS of the Day: President Obama Eats An Actual Bear's Leftovers With Bear Grylls
Via: Today Show
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President Obama has had a very strange relationship with salmon this past week.

During a scheduled trip to Alaska to see the effects of climate change firsthand, Obama appeared on a taping of Running Wild With Bear Grylls. While many people hoped the duo would end up drinking each other's urine, they opted for something a bit more mundane—a leftover salmon carcass that an actual bear had left on the side of a river.

This wasn't the first run in with salmon Obama had during his Alaskan adventure. Just days before this, a salmon spawned (if ya know what we mean) on the President.

Selfie of the Day: Bear Grylls Posts Selfie With President Obama in Alaska
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President Obama and Bear Grylls are basically besties now, and they've got the selfie to prove it.

As part of Obama's three-day trip to Alaska to study the impact of climate change on the region, he is spending time with survivalist Bear Grylls and exploring the wild.

Ahead of Obama's trip, he finalized a name change of Mount McKinley. It is known officially known as Denali, the original name given to the highest point in North America by Alaskan natives.

Since starting his Alaskan adventure, the White House Instagram has been posting other pictures of Obama in the wilderness.

The President joins celebs like Kate Winslet, Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez appearing on Running Wild With Bear Grylls.

President Obama Renames Mountain Ahead of Alaska Trip
Via: Variety
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President Obama is officially the #YOLO president.

Ahead of his scheduled three-day trip to Alaska to see the effects of climate change, Obama announced that Mount McKinley, America's highest point, will now officially be known as Denali.

The mountain was originally known as Denali by Alaskan natives before it was renamed to honor President William McKinley in 1917. But many Alaskans have continued to call it by its original name, and the state has been petitioning the federal government to change the name since 1975.

Some Ohioans think this is a Miserable idea, since McKinley hails from the state.

But this isn't even the craziest part of Obama's trip. NBC has announced that the president will film an episode of Running Wild With Bear Grylls.

Obama will learn survival skills and talk about environment issues with Bear Grylls, the survivalist who has recently filmed with stars Kate Winslet and Michelle Rodriguez.

No word yet if Bear plans on drinking Obama's presidential urine.

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