japanese bathrooms adding smartphone wipes
Via: Toru Hanai/Reuters
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Japan might be about 14 hours ahead of New York, but sometimes it feels like the whole country is light years ahead of the world.

Bathrooms at Tokyo Narita International Airport now come equipped with wipes for your smartphone because those things are disgusting and, man, you need to clean it. Why are we just doing this now?

via Carly Googles

The company that installed them, NTT Docomo, Japan’s largest telecommunications company, said the wipes will be available until March 15, at which point you’ll be forced to clean your phone on your own time and hopefully not get sick. After all, “cell phones carry 10 times more bacteria than most toilet seats” — a man in Uganda even contracted Ebola after stealing one, according to Live Science.

NTT Docomo also provided a handy how-to video for using Japanese toilets and information about the wipes, which also include helpful information, like WiFi passwords. Sanitary, informative, and efficient, these wipes are what 2017 are all about. 

via Toru Sanitary/Reuters

So remember, if someone asks how often you should clean your phone, respond “as often as possible” because you now have no excuse.

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The American Family Association is currently boycotting Target stores for committing to let people use the bathrooms in peace according to their gender identity. Now the CEO of Target has issued a statement that Target will continue to support that position. 

Via: TodayKH News
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This self-cleaning installment will be open for business Friday and Saturday nights and disappear during the day.  It's meant to deter men from using the usual places like alleyways and trees after a night of drinking. 

via 7 News Perth

Supporters of this system say it's better than a permanent public bathroom because it doesn't stick around long enough to invite vandalism and other unsavory behaviors. It's also more compact so it allows places that don't have room for a full bathroom to fulfill the need of a late night passer-by without becoming a permanent, unsightly fixture. 

Rats can climb into your toilet and we know how.
Via: National Geographic
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Welp, just plan on holding it for the rest of your life.

National Geographic decided to make everyone feel even less safe by writing up a long piece, complete with video, on how exactly rats can scale up your pipes and pop into your toilet. Sadists over there, every one of them.

Rats' superpowers are near-mythical: They can swim for three days. They can fit through holes the size of a quarter. They've even been said to have no solid bones, just cartilage (definitely false, and I can't confirm whether they can collapse their ribcages). I looked to science for the truth. But I was surprised by the dearth of studies on the Norway rat—the common city rat, Rattus norvegicus—in the wild (the wild in this case being any city on Earth). Despite our long human history with lab rats, we know very little about the lives of the rats in our homes.

..."If it doesn't have food and water, it goes into this kind of 'crazy mode,'" ['Rat King' Robert] Corrigan said. Rats have a very low tolerance for hunger—so to get rid of them simply ask where they're getting food and eliminate the source.

Corrigan said... it does make it easier for rats to get into toilets. As if to make the point, the day after we capped our toilet pipe, a rat popped up in my next-door neighbor's toilet.

Plus, toilet drainage turns out to be a boon for sewer rats. "Lots of food gets flushed," Corrigan pointed out.

Yep, you can't think of the toilet as a safe throne. Think of it more of a rat dimensional portal.

They even put together a frighteningly descriptive video on just exactly a rat can make its little way up to the commode and into your nightmares.

Here's a TL;DW gif:

We apologize for stripping you of further illusions of comfort. Blame the rats.

Via: Tamale Rocks
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Come for the delicious wings and beer, stay for the violation of your privacy!

A comedian named Tamale Rocks was performing at a bar in Chicago called Cigars and Stripes, when she noticed something strange in the women’s bathroom.

There was a full length mirror opposite the toilet, which upon further investigation, turned out to actually be a two-way mirror allowing anyone to secretly watch you pee while hiding in a supply closet on the other side.

After the video was posted online, Jezebel contacted the bar’s owner Ronnie Lotz, to inquire about the mirror, and his response to whole thing is absolutely insane.

You need to read the entire thing.

“I will burn this fucking place to the ground before I get rid of that mirror,” he said. “Do you know how much joy that mirror has brought to us?”

He says the bar also used to hang a witch’s head in the supply closet to scare women. And throughout their conversation, he repeatedly mentions his chicken wings.

“We specialize in making people feel very uncomfortable,” he added.

Mission accomplished.

The bar has since promoted Jezebel’s article on their own Facebook page.

Via: Didisupergirl
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Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos is up for re-election this year, but after this passionate speech things may be on the downturn for the incumbent. More importantly, check his pants around the 20 second mark and keep watching.