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Step aside Hugh Glass cause there's a new fearless bear-crazed dude in town. Granted this guy lacks the epic new-years-resolution-never-shave-again-sugar-frosted-beard, and that rustic Abercrombie & Fitch-esque coat throw thing.

But hot dang, Jim Kowalzcik has a set of stones and/or all the screws loose. Kowalczik is picture below straight up cuddling a 1,500-pound Kodiak bear. I mean, Kowalzcik must've been really cold.

bear rumors leonardo dicaprio Fox Shuts Down Claims That Leonardo DiCaprio is Sexually Assaulted by a Bear in 'The Revenant'
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This rumor was started by the Drudge Report where the author of the review claims that "The new movie 'REVENANT' features a shocking scene of a wild bear raping Leo DiCaprio!"

This rumor got enough traction that Fox felt the need to shut it down, releasing this statement reported by Entertainment Weekly :

 “As anyone who has seen the movie can attest, the bear in the film is a female who attacks Hugh Glass because she feels he might be threatening her cubs. There is clearly no rape scene with a bear.”

Here's a snippet of the scene in question with the mama bear in fight mode. 

via decider

The gritty survival movie is expected to be extremely violent, but it also already has Oscar mentions buzzing around it so it seems like they aren't only going for shock value.  

Next Purchase of The Day: You Need This Bear Sleeping Bag to Survive The Winter
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Need. Not want, NEED.

A sleeping bag that resembles a ferociously comfortable-looking bear is making the Internet rounds today because we are all cold and need to experience the sweet warmth of a bear's insides.

The sleeping bag in question was created by Japanese artist Eiko Ishizawa and is called the "Great Sleeping Bear."

If you want to own this fabulous frock, it is going to cost you.

The things are going for $2,350. But, clearly it is totally worth it.

Get yours here.

Break-In of the Day: Bear Sneaks Into Montana High School to Make New Friends
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Every Montana resident deserves a quality education—even the bears!

A very large black bear broke in to Bozeman High School in Montana early Wednesday morning. The bear was clearly looking to better itself with an education, but police and school officials weren't having it.

After running around the halls for a bit, the bear was chased off by police. No students or staff were injured in the incident.

But students and alumni were pretty stoked.

POTUS of the Day: President Obama Eats An Actual Bear's Leftovers With Bear Grylls
Via: Today Show
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President Obama has had a very strange relationship with salmon this past week.

During a scheduled trip to Alaska to see the effects of climate change firsthand, Obama appeared on a taping of Running Wild With Bear Grylls. While many people hoped the duo would end up drinking each other's urine, they opted for something a bit more mundane—a leftover salmon carcass that an actual bear had left on the side of a river.

This wasn't the first run in with salmon Obama had during his Alaskan adventure. Just days before this, a salmon spawned (if ya know what we mean) on the President.

Family wants Yellowstone to train its bears.
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For most outdoor explorers the chance of seeing a bear in the wilderness is something that is prepared for with caution in hopes of as little and as safe an interaction with the huge, walking dangerfuzz-bags as possible in their natural habitat.

Well these Yellowstone visitors had other expectations.

As posted on Reddit Aug. 27, some guests left this feedback for the staff at lodging in Yellowstone.

Well, it looks like someone needs to bone up on their bear-related injuries and fatalities as documented by the National Parks Service.

Or at least, someone needs to tell them about the poor hiker that died this month from a bear attack at Yellowstone.

Or just put a bear in their yard and let 'em see what happens.

Get 'em, bear.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream
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You can stop what you are doing right now and spend the rest of your day watching this infant orphan bear cub named Mike roll around in a pile of sheets.

The four-week-old bear cub and his brother Ike were brought into the Woodlands Wildlife Refuge three weeks ago after their mother was shot by a hunter in self-defense.

Unfortunately, Ike also died last week after being rescued, but Mike is doing well, according to the Woodlands, and he will be with them until March before he is hopefully placed into foster care of another mother bear.

Until then you can watch Mike's progress here 24/7.

"If he is not in view, he will re-appear shortly," the Woodlands says. "We are not responsible for bodily functions that may happen between feedings. Please 'bear' with us."

They are also accepting donations to the center on their site.

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