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Via: The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
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Bill Hader visited The Tonight Show July 16 and if you think it was just to promote his new movie Trainwreck, think again.

Instead, we were all treated to an extended 'clip' of the cop show Point Pleasant Police Department, an 'old' show that Hader and Jimmy Fallon 'used to co-star in together'.

Essentially this is just an excuse to spit out food and drink on each other while prouncing 'P' words.

The thing has one joke. And it's nine minutes long. Fortunately, they can't stop laughing about it and neither can we.

Nothing about this concept deserves to be as funny as it turns out. Hader and Fallon are just pros at not being pros.

What makes this nonsense extra delightful is thinking about former Tonight Show hosts doing this skit. Imagine Jay Leno or Johnny Carson doing this. They wouldn't go near such a disgusting and hilarious bit. 


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Behind The Laughter of the Day: On last night's Letterman, Bill Hader divulged the secret origin of his criminally hysterical club kid character Stefon, and explained why he can't help cracking up every time he plays him.


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