Totally Real Video Of Obama's Birth In Kenya of the Day

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Finally, proof that President Obama was not born in America, courtesy an anonymous source who leaked the video to Vice.

This "footage," shot on August 4, 1961, on Super 8 (invented in 1965), clearly shows the Kenyan flag (adopted in 1963) on the hospital bed.

Not only was the future "president" a very large baby -- he also was able to hold his head up right out of the womb!

Reverse Birther of the Day

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President Barack Obama visited Gator's Dockside, an Orlando sports bar, Saturday night as part of a bus tour of Florida. One young boy in the crowded restaurant, Andre Wupperman, hails from Hawaii, which led Obama to flash him a shaka hand sign -- the Hawaiian "hello".

Wupperman responded in kind, to which Obama playfully replied: "You were born in Hawaii? You have a birth certificate?"

We'll just assume Obama didn't make young Andre produce documentation.