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The world is out of control, and it often seems like nothing can stop it — let alone make sense of it.

And while we here at The Daily What try to fill your days with some entertaining and, occasionally, entertaining information, the world moves to fast for even us.

That’s why there’s this video of a washing machine with a brick in it bouncing a trampoline.

Watch it and be calm. You’ll feel much better.

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bricks,Osama Bin Laden
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The going rate for Pakistan's most creepy souvenir? A mere nickel, which gets you a brick from the former compound of Osama Bin Laden. Shakeel Ahmed, the shrewd businessman contractor hired to demolish the structure, paid $5,300 for the rubble that remained after the place was bulldozed.

Despite brisk brick business, Ahmed travels with a bodyguard; he is worried that Islamic militants may target him for his entrepreneurial savvy.

"My family is very worried that my life now is in danger," Ahmed said.


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