After Dominic's golf match in Franklin, we decided to stop at Subway to eat. As we sat down I heard a zapping sound. I couldn't believe what I was witnessing. Please share, this is by far the most unsanitary thing I have witnessed in a restaurant. The store address is 2120 E King st franklin Indiana. Subway should be embarrassed. I will never eat there again. For any licensingrequests please contact licensing@break.com

Posted by Justin Clemons on Monday, September 12, 2016
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A guy walked into a Subway restaurant and saw a worker using a bug zapper over the food bins to kill some gnats, so he freaked out, took a video, and alerted the health department.

The 55-second video of the incident was made by Justin Clemons at the Subway restaurant, on the way back from golfing with his young son. Clemons is also advertising the licensing of the video on Facebook.

Subway responded after Clemons got over 14,000 views on his Facebook page, which he really enjoyed:

Subway corporate gave the news their official statement for the news too:

They threw out all the food in the store and admonished the clerk, who, as far as we know now, didn't lose his job from all the bug killing.

The jury is out on whether the food bins were closed when the zapping occurred, but the news says the gnats came from spoiled fruit or a drain in the floor, both of which seems kind of gross.