Full House actor John Stamos shows off naked butt in photoshoot
Via: Paper Magazine
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The spirit of their new Fandemonium issue is celebrating stars with devoted online fan bases.

Paper Magazine got John Stamos to show his Full House (or just the back door at least) in their latest issue, Fandemonium.  

You can read the full interview where they asked John to answer some internet-y questions here.

Pokemon butts are the new hot thing somehow.
Via: io9
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Pokémon products have really bottomed out.

With a stacked cast of 718 Pokémon in their Pokédex, it looks like the possibilities are endless. Especially for companies trying to make money on the back end and not take one on the cheek.

We're done.

But seriously, the official Japanese Pokémon Center store announced their newest line of products today and, simply, it highlights Pokémon butts.

It's called the Hip Pop Parade.

And it is a very extensive line. Butts on butts on butts.

There are keychains.

There are coin purses and tote bags.

There are decals and coffee mugs.

And so much more.

We're not sure we would sport these money makers, but we can't deny they are just a little bit cute.

Via: Karl Gude
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Do you like to like drawing rumps but you find yourself wishing there was a simpler way? Well, look no further! Karl Gude shows you a way of drawing a variety of rear ends that only require five lines and a piece of paper!