mms releasing white cheesecake flavor at walmart for valentines day
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2017 just got a lot sweeter. 

First, there was that whole “Hollyweed” sign, and now this, white cheesecake-flavored M&Ms. It’s like we’re already putting more effort into this year, and we’re putting as much good into the world as possible.

However, Mars candy, the maker of M&Ms, isn’t bearing the brunt of this responsibility to make 2017 the best. They’re merely providing us with a little inspiration. These little round beauties are only available at Walmart through Valentine’s Day, so make the right choice and get your partner something they’ll truly love this year. 

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According to Uproxx, cheesecake isn’t the only limited flavor coming to the M&M candy universe (MMCU). This May will see the release of Caramel M&Ms. Thank you for doing your part, Mars candy. 

nestle announces healthier kit-kats with less sugar
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Staying healthy is tough when there are things like Kit-Kats in the world.

All that might be changing very soon, though.

Nestle, the creators of Kit-Kat, announced that they have found a way to make Kit-Kats using less sugar without sacrificing flavor.

According to Nestle’s blog, “Using only natural ingredients, researchers have found a way to structure sugar differently. So even when much less is used in chocolate, your tongue perceives an almost identical sweetness to before.”

“This truly groundbreaking research is inspired by nature and has the potential to reduce total sugar by up to 40% in our confectionery,” said Stefan Catsicas, Nestlé Chief Technology Officer.

So it looks like Kit-Kats are healthy now. You can eat as many of them as you want. It’s basically like an apple. Enjoy Kit-Kats. Heck, enjoy 15 Kit-Kats. They’re good for you now.


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It's that time of year again, you're back at school, back at work, and ready to gorge yourself to stay warm as the temperatures turn colder. So we've got some candies we dare you to try, and some fail-safe chicken nuggets to wash them all down with!

Brunch-Flavored Candy Corn is Here

So Brachs has decided to give us our first 'dare candy' of the season in their new Brunch-Flavored Candy Corn.

The bag contains a mix of three flavors, each more nauseating in a candy corn than the one before, and emitting an odor "very reminiscent of a Yankee Maple Pancake candle":

- French Toast & Maple Syrup
- Waffles & Strawberry
- Chocolate Chip & Pancakes

The good folks over at Thrillist just taste-tested them to give you an idea of what to expect:

We recommend you give 'em a try yourself and let us know what you think. Pick 'em up here.

A Definitive Ranking of the Best Fast Food Chicken Nuggets

Oh nuggets, in your little nuggety goodness and bite-sized chompiness, how I love thee!! So when I saw this ranking of the best fast food nuggets, I knew I had to memorize it.

Between Burger King, McDonald's, and Wendy's, who would win?

In one corner is McDonald's, the original creator of the McNugget, a name whose meaning flows deeply into the American psyche and pop culture with toys and phrases based around the juicy meat treat:

In another corner is the winner of 'freshest tasting burger' in my household, Wendy's, and traditionally known for its chicken, Burger King... who would reign supreme?

So the Burger King rankings were surprising, as they have the best chicken sandwich of the bunch (IMO), with a consistent meatiness that the others couldn't always deliver.

Okay, so it's wasn't Burger King... that's weird.

Could it be the Wal-Mart of restaurants, McDonald's? Or my homeboy of freshness, Wendy's?

With an overall winning score of 90.5 (out of 120 possible points), I leave it up to you to guess in the comments section below (before checking) as to who won the Nugget off: Wendy's or McDonald's????

Find out the actual winner here, and run your own taste test and let us know which YOU prefer, in the comments section.

We know why he has 'no comment' now...

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This Youtuber specializes in making life-sized gummy versions of popular drinks.  They've also done a Starbucks video. 

And a Hawaiian Punch, among many others.

Fail of The Day: People Some Very Strong Feelings About The Reese's "Christmas Tree" Cups
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Reese's has released its Christmas tree peanut butter cup, and people have a lot of feelings about them.

Mainly, they want to know what the heck they're looking at. Because these definitely don't resemble anything close to a Christmas tree.

Explain yourself, Reese's.

Or should you we say: Explain yourself, Grinch!

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Now bring this to your door and give out candy through your fridge on Halloween.