terrifying muppet babies reboot coming soon
Via: Variety
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As the wave of nostalgia continues to plague our culture, yet another beloved property is getting the old reboot: Jim Henson's Muppet Babies. This ain't your father's Muppet Babies, though. Muppet Babies will feature a new, 100% computer-generated look for Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzy, and the rest. No word yet as to whether or not Nanny and her infamous green and white stripped stockings will be 100% computer generated.

Oh, also, the characters look absolutely terrifying.


Muppet Babies premieres on Disney Junior in 2018, but until then, why don't you kickback and get the theme song stuck in your head?

funny fail image australian driver uses frying pan for steering wheel
Via: South Australia Police
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The 32-year-old from Adelaide driver had also made a clusterf**k of other illegal alterations to his car, because of course he had.Hopefully at least one more South Australian driver knows better than to get saucy with their car repairs, otherwise they'll get burned by the Police.

At least the tribute on the pan-wheel is heartfelt, and spelled correctly. The judge might count that for something, right?

trendings news trump nominee pence cartoon artist
Via: Esquire
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It seems Donald Trump's VP nominee--the super-religious, anti-woman, Indiana Governor Mike Pence--used to draw cartoons called "Law School Daze" for the school newspaper back during his own law school days at Indiana University's Robert H. McKinney School of Law.

The boring cartoons may just give us more insight into his future policies now that he's on the national stage, so let's analyze them and see what makes him tick!

Here we see his future plans for underfunding education:

His idolization of ass-kissing and why he is psyched to be Trump's right-hand man:

...and his ability to plan for the future of our Country:

Pence IRL is just as forgettable as his drawings, though he's been a dick for most of his political life.

Here's to hoping we can see some of this behavior in a VP debate come Fall:

Via: Toto Lomento
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Gunduz Agayev, an artist acclaimed for his work on illustration series such as, "Just Leaders", "War and Peace", and "Imagine" is back with a new collection he calls, "Transformers".

In this series Agayev casts politicians as transformers. Check out the leader of North Korea, the British Queen, and many others. Who'd administer unrivaled power over them all though?

Pretty sure this Putin could take Galvatron for a walk round the kickass block, while he juggled Soundwave and Starscream. Yeah, he'd be a Decepticon, for sure.

That Trump tidbit though. Are we even surprised?

Oh what's up Kim Jong-un?

Well Angela Merkel woke up on the right side of the bed.