Stunt of the Day: BMX Biker Rides Across Stranger’s Lamborghini

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Do you live in Portland, Oregon, and did you recently discover some unusual tire tracks on your orange Lamborghini?

If the answer to both of these questions is “yes,” you might want to have a chat with Josh Navarro.

The BMX biker and self-described “explorer” posted a video on his Instagram account (ajourneythroughtime) this weekend, in which he rides his bike over a stranger’s car outside Jake’s Famous Crawfish.

He has hashtagged a photo of the stunt as #ThugLife, and on the video he wrote #RideEverything.

Last year he posted a video of him appearing to ride around on giant slices of pizza, which you can watch below.

So he literally does attempt to ride everything after all.

No word on whether not he had permission, but the waiter sure seems to think it’s real with that shrug of his.

And he’s got a lot of angry comments on his account.

“Don’t think this is going to end well for you,” said one person.

Another has threatened to alert the owner of the car.

Terrible Tipper of the Day

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Terrible Tipper of the Day: Twitter @FutureExBanker says (by way of Eater): "my jerk boss tips exactly 1%" because he loathes the 99%." He also apparently felt the need to tell True Food Kitchen server Breanna to "get a real job." 

I think it's high time someone occupied his

Explainer of the Day

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Explainer of the Day: At a campaign event in Andover, Mass. last month, Harvard law professor, consumer advocate, newly christened Scott Brown challenger, and all-around awesome person Elizabeth Warren clearly and thoughtfully slams the suggestion that taxing millionaires and billionaires