Pornhub launches a clothing line and we're all very impressed.
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When you think of Pornhub, you probably think of their sick menswear.

Well, you might after you start buying all your t-shirts and hoodies from that website you spend the rest of your life perusing.

Pornhub recently set up an online store for their new collection of clothing they want to sell to their millions of dedicated fans.

The selection is pretty limited as well as the designs — it's just a bunch of Pornhub logos and invitation to "Zone out with your bone out"

And don't worry, there's plenty for the ladies as well. If this is at all something ladies would want.

So, time to buy yourself all the new school gear you want. And hey, might as well get a jump on Christmas shopping!

Via: Betabrand
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Pajama Jeans may have paved the way for articles of clothing that blur the line between fashion and comfort, but now there's Suitsy, the "Business-Suit Onesie."

According to their crowdfunding page:

The Suitsy is a jacket connected to a shirt connected to pants — like the lovechild of a business suit and a onesie! False shirt-cuff material extends from the end of the jacket sleeves to give the impression of a complete dress shirt worn underneath. A zipper is hidden behind the shirt-button placket (with false buttons).
The project is just a little over halfway to their goal with 16 days left, and the Suitsy is selling at a discounted price of $302.40. Act fast, or you'll be stuck wearing fancy, tailored suits the rest of your life, and won't look anywhere near as relaxed as this guy!

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