police officer pulls college kid over and teaches him to tie a tie
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Tying a tie is basically impossible, especially when you need some guy who isn’t your father teaching you. Just ask this college kid who had the cop that pulled him over tie his tie for him. 

When college student Tevor Keeny was pulled over for speeding by Officer Martin Folczyk, he admitted that he didn’t know how to tie a tie, telling Folczyk that he was rushing to a friend’s house because his friend knows how to tie a tie. That’s when the cop arrested him and threw him in jail.

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Just kidding, the cop taught him to tie a tie.

Ugh. He’s not even the kid’s real father. What’s next, he’s going to expect to play catch with this kid he pulled over? Is he going to teach him to shave? The cop isn’t even his real father!

liberty university to add NRA approved firing range jerry falwell jr
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Books? Check.

Pencils? Check.

Glock Pistol? Check.

When it’s time for back to school shopping, it’s good to have your priorities straight, and Liberty University would like you to add “gun” to your shopping list.

Look, Liberty University loves all the amendments the same but loves one just a little bit more than the rest. See if you can guess which one. After permitting students to carry guns to campus and encouraging students to take a class on obtaining their concealed-carry license, Liberty University is installing a NRA-approved firing range on campus. And they’re the first college to do so.


According to Yahoo, the University filed for a permit earlier this week to build a “nationally recognized, full-scale shooting, training and competition center,” and the NRA offered to help build it. "Last fall, the school's stance on guns attracted national headlines when Jerry Falwell Jr., president of the Christian school, encouraged students to get their concealed carry permits in order to defend themselves against what he said was the threat of armed Muslim attacks," writes Yahoo. His remarks come in conflict with the fact that white terrorists are responsible for more violent crimes on American soil.

He also went on to say this terrifying bit of Islamophobia, “I’ve always thought that if more people had concealed carry permits, then we could end those Muslims before they walked in and killed them.” So you can kind of guess where this dude’s coming from when it comes to guns.

Liberty University also helped finance the Kirk Cameron-vehicle Saving Christmas, which sits at #2 on the IMDb Bottom 100 — even though it barely qualifies as a film.

Anyway, America 2016.


Class of the Day: Simpsons Philosophy Seminar Coming to Scottish University

Over its three decades, a good chunk of The Simpsons has been written by Harvard University alumni, but in the future, it might be written by Simpson University alumni? Ok. Maybe not. 

But maybe, because a class on the philosophy of The Simpsons is coming to the Glasgow University.

According to The Daily Mail, “Glasgow University will examine the wisdom of Homer Simpson and his family alongside the words of great thinkers such as Aristotle, Socrates and Voltaire.”

The class, “D'oh! The Simpsons Introduce Philosophy,” has already been stirring up a lot of interest online.

 “The Simpsons is a very sophisticated work of popular culture, with a broad scope and depth, and is full of philosophical themes, said the course's creator, John Donaldson. "Very pleasingly, the course has proved to be incredibly popular on social media. It has gone viral. We've never really had a response like this before.”

The class is £30, open to the public, and will be held on January 14.

Let’s take a look at what philosophical ideas we hope will be unpacked:

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The arm was created by Enabling the Future, which has a chapter at Sienna College in Albany, New York. For its first project the Siena e-NABLE group made an Iron Man-themed hand for 5-year-old Jack Carder in Ohio.

In this case, nine-year-old Karissa Mitchell's (who was born without a right hand and most of her wrist) mother reached out to the group on campus, Siena College's director of marketing and communications said.

"She's watched the movie at least 100 times. We sing the songs all the time. We even have a karaoke machine that's 'Frozen'-themed," said Karissa's mother. The prosthetic was built using a 3-D printer and is comprised of 30 parts (it took near 30 hours to make).

To help Karissa achieve her dream of becoming a Disney princess, the team used "a pretty transparent ice blue color filament and added snowflakes to the forearm and her name with an Elsa crown on the cuff," said Alyx Gleason, the project lead and president of Siera e-NABLE. The arm also came with an Olaf LED light source.

Anyone who is in need of an arm or hand is encouraged to reach out to Siena e-NABLE.

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Stanford ran train over Michigan State on Saturday, bringing home an impressive 45-16 Rose Bowl victory.

Christian McCaffery put on a heroic performance as the game's star running-back, but the poor kid couldn't catch a break from an adrenaline-charged douche who did everything but grab the fu*king microphone and chuck it through the goalpost during McCaffery's interview.

Real-talk bro, GTFO. There's fan, superfan, and whatever the heck that guy in the background was. Don't be that guy.

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A group of college students had the real-life Professor Snape.

His name was Henry Lloyd Snape, and while he didn't wield a wand—far as we know— fawn after Lily Potter, or make a mad magical potion; he did claim his expertise in the field of Chemistry. So, he was pretty much the Half Blood Prince. Check him out, pictured in the center, below.

In The Irish Times, the real-life Professor Snape is described as uncannily lenient towards a dark but charismatic disposition, much like the demeanor of Severus as played by Alan Rickman in the 'Harry Potter' flicks.

What gets the bit between the teeth on the connection between Henry Lloyd and JK's Severus Snape, is Rodger's discovery of a recent lecture that was titled 'The Philosopher of Stone.' This immediately brings to mind the title of the first 'Harry Potter' book, 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.'

As a final resounding note we'll add that Henry Lloyd taught at Aberystwyth University, an old college building that had Gothic spires and turrets eerily similar to Hogwarts.


Aberystwyth University

social media fail Nebraska football player stiffs waitress' tip b/c she trash talked their season
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Nebraska had a disappointing season, ending with a 5-7 record. Husker fans have a lot of feelings about it too. So when Wide Receiver Brandon Reilly went out to eat and encountered a server who wanted to rant about the Huskers, apparently not realizing who was sitting at the table, he decided to leave her that "tip" instead of a monetary one.

Reilly ended up pulling down the tweet after responding to some heated tweets about it.