Farewell of the Day: Legendary Comedian Joan Rivers Has Passed Away

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Here is the announcement from her daughter Melissa:

Here are some of Joan's best highlights:

In her 2012 book I Hate Everyone… Starting with Me she even outlined her own funeral saying:

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Kickstarter of The Day: Misery Loves Comedy

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Actor and comedian Kevin Pollak personally reached out to The Daily What about his Kickstarter project. Here is all about the project in his own words:

Hi, I'm Kevin Pollak. If you love comedy or if it's ever made your life just a little funnier, then I need your help telling an important story. While funny people enrich all of our lives, a staggering number of comedians are truly miserable. Why do so many talented comedians who beam with life and energy on stage suffer from depression, addiction and suicidal thoughts in their private life?

I'm directing a documentary called "Misery Loves Comedy" to shed light on this bizarre dichotomy. I want to let the public into the private lives and the personal stories of great comedians. So far, the comedians listed in the image above have agreed to appear on film. We've already shot some of these interviews and let me tell you, the conversations are incredible.

However, the original 25 famous funny f**kers who agreed to talk with us have now turned into over 60, and we need more funds to finish the film. There are 24 hours left in our Kickstarter campaign, and anything you can do to promote or participate helps. Thanks everyone.

Movie Trailer of the Day

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So a bunch of Muslim-American comedians travel across the country, and... that's the punchline! In a new documentary -- called, naturally, The Muslims Are Coming! -- they fight Middle America's misconceptions and prejudice with humor and wit, and they document the fallout so we can crack up alongside them. They've got $4,938 up on a $40,000 goal needed to complete the movie and counter the hate.