Spoopy of the Day: Gruesome Halloween Yard Decorations Cause Concern in Ohio Town
Via: Local 12
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The Addams family doesn't live in Ohio, but maybe a distant relative does?

This ghoulish family is causing quite a stir in their town with some very realistic Halloween yard decorations, including: an upside-down cross with cadaver, a mummified corpse hanging from a tree and a dead person on a spike.

To top it all off, the display is located just across the street from an elementary school.

In other Ohio news, a Halloween decoration turned out to be the corpse of a mutilated woman.

(closes computer, bangs head on desk)

A giant corpse flower is ready to bloom in Denver
Via: The Denver Post
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Some people in Denver won't be breathing in that fresh mountain air, come the next few days.

Though it takes 7 to 10 to grow and bloom, the city's only and first giant corpse flower is looking to spread its stinky pedals in the next few days.

The Denver Post says people are getting excited about the stench:

Flower fans and plant buffs are waiting at the Denver Botanic Gardens, 1007 York St, with bated breath in anticipation of the city's first-ever bloom of a towering Amorphophallus titanum, also known as a "corpse flower," after years of growth.

The flower, once in bloom, will release a powerful and pungent stench that gives the plant its unique nickname. The stench will last for up to 48 hours after the initial bloom, and the brave of nose will be lined up to catch a whiff.

The flowers can grow up to 10 feet in height and smell roughly like what its name indicates according to those unlucky/lucky enough to have been around a blooming one.

Here's what a bloom looks like:

A local news station has also set up a live stream of the event so, wherever you are, you can watch events 'unfold' without having to experience the stank.

By Unknown
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Brazil's Silvio Santos Program—the folks behind the scary elevator prank video that went viral last month—brings yet another edition of a brilliant prank in the elevator, this time with a corpse in a coffin.

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