Animal of the Day: Mike the Orphan Bear Cub Has a Live Cam Show


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You can stop what you are doing right now and spend the rest of your day watching this infant orphan bear cub named Mike roll around in a pile of sheets.

The four-week-old bear cub and his brother Ike were brought into the Woodlands Wildlife Refuge three weeks ago after their mother was shot by a hunter in self-defense.

Unfortunately, Ike also died last week after being rescued, but Mike is doing well, according to the Woodlands, and he will be with them until March before he is hopefully placed into foster care of another mother bear.

Until then you can watch Mike's progress here 24/7.

"If he is not in view, he will re-appear shortly," the Woodlands says. "We are not responsible for bodily functions that may happen between feedings. Please 'bear' with us."

They are also accepting donations to the center on their site.

Animal of the Day: Dexter the Rat Despises Broccoli

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This little rat will not eat his vegetables.

Dexter's owner is just trying to feed him a piece of broccoli, but he is all like… "NOPE. NOPE. NOPE."

Watch him reject the treat over and over again in the cutest way possible.

Maybe they should change his name to "Newman."

Animal of the Day: French Bulldog Puppy is Quick Learner

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It really doesn't get any cuter than this.

Brody Brixton is a 12-week-old French Bulldog, and he is pretty much the smartest puppy ever.

Watch him perform lots of tricks – including ringing a little bell for treats – all of which were learned in just 4 days, according to his owner in the video's caption.

They are training Brody to one day become a therapy dog.

Art of the Day: Dog Dresses Up as Animals for Christmas Cards

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As part of an annual tradition, British photographer Peter Thorpe dresses his dog Raggle up in various costumes for his Christmas cards.

Each photo is created using elaborate props as opposed to Photoshop, and for 2014, they went with a mouse theme.

This year will be her last, however, as she will be retiring from modeling due to her old age, according to his blog.

Here are a few of the photos from previous years, and you can view more on his website.


Animal of the Day: Elephant Plays in Sprinkler

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Faa Sai the elephant was recently rescued from a life of labor and now lives happily at the Elephant Nature Park sanctuary in Thailand.

In the facebook video you can see the young pachyderm playing in a sprinkler, and then breaking said sprinkler because a beast this big needs a bigger stream, obviously.

Break the Internet Attempt of the Day: Gronk Poses Shirtless with Kittens

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ESPN recently interviewed Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski for its December issue, and in a move that might actually "break the internet" this time, he was feature in a photo shoot with a bunch of tiny kittens. Some shirtless.

"I like to snuggle," he told ESPN.

That's really all you need to know before you spend the rest of the day staring at these photos.

You can read the full interview and see all the photos over at ESPN.

Animal of the Day: Shih Tzu on a Treadmill in a Teddy Bear Costume

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Very cute Munchkin… but you are doing this all wrong.

You're supposed to work out AFTER you eat all those Thanksgiving leftovers.