Foot-in-Mouth of Day: ESPN Student Reporter Tweets ‘Joke’ During FSU Shooting

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There was another school shooting Wednesday night - this time at FSU in the library, where 3 people were injured, and the shooter was killed by police.

None of this warrants making any type of joke, but Marisa Martin, a student reporter associated with ESPNU's Campus Connection at the University of Alabama, thought otherwise in a Tweet posted last night.

"Reported gunman on the FSU campus. Maybe he is heading for Jameis."

Jameis Winston is the FSU quarterback who has been at the center of a number of scandals and legal issues over the past year or so.

After the Twitter backlash calling for ESPN to "#FireMarisaMartin", she fought back, adding that - while she hopes everyone is safe - she is entitled to her own opinions.

Her Twitter account was soon deleted, and she then apparently tweeted using the official Alabama Campus Connection account that she had been hacked. Riiiiiiight.

ESPN seems distancing itself from her, clarifying that while part of the program which lets students contribute stories to ESPN, she is neither an employee nor paid.

Awkward Interview of the Day: Interviewers' Reactions Are Priceless After Shawne Merriman Abruptly Walks Out on an Interview

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In a bizarre incident on ESPN, former NFL linebacker Shawne Merriman walked away in the middle of an interview with Bomani Jones and Dan LeBatard on the show Highly Questionable. The show was taped a month ago and on LeBatard's Nov. 21 radio show the two TV hosts discussed the incident in detail. They also revealed that an earlier part of the discussion had focused on Merriman's relationship with ex-girlfriend Tila Tequila.

Merriman remained cordial throughout the interview, even while leaving, which made the whole thing all-the-more strange. When Merriman decided to leave the hosts were asking him pretty standard stuff so who really knows why he got up and left.

Heartwarming Tearjerker of the Day

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The "My Wish" series returned to ESPN this week for its seventh season, and the newest episode captured 10-year-old Donovan Troy, who suffers from sickle cell anemia, hitting the recording studio with his favorite NFL player, Philadelphia Eagle DeSean Jackson.

After the Eagles practice, DeSean completely surprised Donovan with an invitation to go to a recording studio in downtown Philadelphia to write and record a rap song. Music producer/audio engineer Mike Jerz played a few different beats he created and Donovan selected his favorite. DeSean wrote lyrics that were Eagles-themed and pretty soon Donovan donned some headphones and hopped in the booth with DeSean to start rapping. DeSean called Donovan "Jay-Z in the booth" at one point. ... Donovan was thrilled to play catch with Eagles' quarterback Michael Vick. He didn't drop one pass, which included a high-arcing, 25-yard strike. Donovan impressed Vick with his best DeSean touchdown dance after that catch.


Premonition of the Day

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In a column published Friday afternoon, ESPN's Rick Reilly weighed in on Joe Paterno and the cloud of shame hanging over Penn State University. Reilly, a former Sports Illustrated columnist, profiled Paterno in 1986 when SI featured him as Sportsman of the Year. Reilly essentially retracts every word of his ten-page portrayal, but a quote from a mysterious PSU professor is what stands out in Reilly's piece. The midnight caller offered a stern warning about the dangers of hagiography -- the study of saints:

You're going to be just like the rest, aren't you? You're going to make Paterno out to be a saint. You don't know him. He'll do anything to win. What you media are doing is dangerous.

Reilly admits to poo-pooing the accusation, but a quarter-century later, those haunting words ring loud and clear.


Another Follow Up of the Day: "Chink" Writer Fired

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Another Follow Up of the Day: The ESPN employee responsible for penning the controversial "Chink In The Armor" headline that accompanied the network's article on the Knicks' winning-streak-snapping loss to the Hornets has been let go.

The racially insensitive title ran beneath a photo of Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin on the network's website <

Some Dumb Erratum of the Day

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Some Dumb Erratum of the Day: In the rush to come up with pun headlines to describe the phenom that is Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin, unfortunately it was probably just a matter of time before someone slipped up and said something racist.

But many likely never thought it would be ESPN.


Follow Up of the Day: Hank Williams Jr. MNF Opener Permanently Pulled

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Follow Up of the Day: ESPN announced today that it has permanently pulled the Hank Williams Jr.-composed opener from its Monday Night Football telecast following the controversial Obama-Hitler remarks Williams made on a re