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Keep your hands to yourself, especially if you’re dealing with Justin Bieber.

Heading to his show last night in Barcelona, Justin “Danger” Beiber was driving through a crowd of fans. He wished them well as drove through, allowing them a glimpse at his royal Biebness. But his trust was quickly taken advantage of. A crazed fan, probably drunk on the power one receives when they lock eyes with Bieber, broke the seal and reached into Bieber’s limo aka the Bieb-mobile aka the Bieber Express aka Derek the Limo. What’s Bieber to do? The only thing an international man of mystery can: Punch him in the face.

That’s right, Bieber gave the fan the old one-two salute right in the jaw, and the fan was left bloodied on the street as Bieber drove away. Put some ice on those knucks, Bieber. You live to fight another day.

Bieber's fans quickly came to his aide:

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While Godzilla vs. the Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz sounds like the shortest and most boring Godzilla movie ever, one passionate group of Godzilla fans want to even the score. 

This team put together a huge tribute to the fire-breathing lizard known mostly for leveling Japanese cities and expressing post-World War II nuclear anxiety. Built from rice straw by over 150 volunteers, straw Godzilla doesn’t serve as the metaphor for nuclear destruction that its inspiration does, but it is really cool and took about four months to complete. It even has LED eyes, which makes it scary but not as scary as a giant lizard knocking over buildings and reminding us all of the awesome power of nuclear weapons.

Anywho, this Godzilla could totally take the Scarecrow, who serves more as a metaphor for the 19th century American farm worker than nuclear technology. Straw Godzilla just has a major height advantage — plus those cool LED eyes!


trending news terminally ill star wars fan rogue one dies
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Neil Hanvey, the terminally ill cancer patient who inspired the hashtag #rogueonewish to get to see the movie before it's release, died Monday in hospice care in England, his family announced.

Hanvey's wife Andrea set up a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for St. Michael's. And shared the following statement:

"On behalf of all our family we would like to thank everyone who has passed on their condolences following Neil's death last night... We would also like to thank the tens of thousands of people who supported the #RogueOneWish campaign. All the messages of love during the past week have given us a great deal of comfort during a very difficult time. We would also like to thank everyone at St. Michael's Hospice, especially Amy Duncan, without whom #RogueOneWish would not have happened. All donations at Neil's funeral will go to the Hospice's Family Support team and will be used to fund work with children and young people."

Rest in peace, Neil Hanvey.

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What happened after Portugal defeated France is epic. A French fan was overcome by grief (yeah, that happens - real fans do cry). A young Portuguese boy went up to him and consoled the crying Frenchman. He responded by giving the boy a high five and a big hug. Awww!

norman reedus fan bite A Fan Took The Walking Dead Way Too Seriously and Bit Norman Reedus at a Convention
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During a picture taking session at a Walker Stalker Con in New York/New Jersey a fan got a little (okay, a lot) overexcited and bit Norman Reedus. Someone named Michael Bowman posted an eyewitness account on Facebook which showed up as a screenshot on the website Spoil the Dead. 

via spoilthedead

Later the woman herself posted an Instagram picture of the moment before and apologized. The Instagram account is private but a screenshot of the image and comment has been showing up in multiple publications of the story. 

via @harleygurl68

Norman Reedus did not press charges but he did respond with a picture of himself wearing a shirt that used to say "Bite Me" which he altered to say, 'DO NOT BITE ME' on his Instagram. 

Game of thrones memes season 5 Fans concoct another Jon Snow theory.
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Tons of spoilers, yo.

Did Jon Snow have a twin sister?

Welcome to the wonderful world of Game of Thrones fan theories where anything is possible, everyone is everyone's brother/sister/lover/murderer and no one ever dies.

The most recent theory to ride the bloody waves of season five's finale is based around the prevailing R+L=J theory, which basically holds that Jon Snow is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. If you don't know about this, then watch the following helpful video:

Building off that theory and the presumed death of Jon Snow in the final scenes of season five, a new theory has sprung up, delicately explained by Mashable.

Here's where things get even more crazy. Some people are now combining an old theory – that Meera Reed, the girl currently with Bran, is actually Jon Snow's twin sister – with this other theory about Jon Snow's parentage; hence the R+L=J+M.

Despite the fact that Jon Snow looks a hell of a lot older than Meera in the TV series, this impressively in-depth Wiki of Ice and Fire lists the birth years of both characters as 283 AC – which would make them the same age. When you add in the fact that Lyanna Stark is also listed by the Wiki as dying in 283 AC (and Meera's supposed father Howland Reed was with Ned at the Tower of Joy on the day they went to find Lyanna), it seems like there's more than enough ground for a good old fan theory.

You know Meera, she's the gal with the bow and the sister of the mysterious Jojen. They weren't seen this past season and are probably still just hanging around with that old tree dude, who turned out to be the three-eyed crow.

If this theory is true, it basically means three things.

1. Jon Snow might actually be dead, despite mounting evidence to the contrary.

2. Meera's got a much bigger role to play than we thought.

3. Game of Thrones stole the plot of Star Wars and added lots of sex.

"My father has it, I have it, my sister has it, and they all did each other." — Jon Snow, maybe

Ohio state football fans walk 19 miles to spell out the state.
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An Ohio State football fan doesn't need to walk 19 miles to prove their love, but it doesn't hurt.

That's what Redditor orweezy and some friends decided to do. But they didn't do it for the mileage, they did it to spell out the four most important letters to them.

Orweezy told his story Aug. 17.

My coworker friends and thought it would be cool to start off the football season by mapping and walking the Ohio Script this past weekend and using the stadium as the "I" dotting.

...We got like 8 miles into it and thought.... "you know this would have been better if we biked it" It took us 6 and a half hours of walking but we made a few bar stops so from 6:30am through 2:45pm. We were doing a work competition about fitness and the metrics used was time, so we walked everywhere and I think we just carried it over. I would rather bike it next time for sure.

The Ohio State Buckeyes will kick off their season on Sept. 7.