Animal of the Day: Terrifying Black Seadevil Caught on Video for First Time Ever

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You've probably heard of anglerfish before, otherwise known as "nightmare fuel of the sea."

The females, which have fangs and long rods attached to their heads with light orbs, were featured in this scene from "Finding Nemo."

It's very rare for anglerfish to be seen in their natural habitat, and one species in particular, the black seadevil (also called Melanocetus) has been even more elusive… until now.

Scientists with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute have captured what they are claiming is the first ever video footage of a black seadevil 2000 feet below the surface of the ocean.

For an example of how disgusting these things are, this is how they mate:

He bites her gelatinous flesh, living as a parasite and never letting go. Their tissues and blood systems fuse with the females'. Her body feeds him food and oxygen and provides the necessary hormones to survive.

Awwww… cute!

Amazing Find of the Day: Rare Footage of the Bizarre Oarfish

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During a recent Shedd Adventures trip to Baja, participants witnessed not one, but two rare oarfish in shallow waters. Here's a video of one of their encounters.

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