flowers desert image Death Valley Is Covered in Flowers in What's Known as a Very Rare 'Super Bloom'
Via: National Geographic
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Once a decade, Death Valley explodes with flowers in a "super bloom".  Thanks to October rainstorms, that's exactly what's happening this year. This video explains the phenomenon and shows some footage of the fields of flowers just before they've fully blossomed into this rare spectacle:

valentines day Teen Wins Valentines Day by Buying Flowers for Every Girl in School
Via: Hayden Godfrey
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Hayden Godfrey of Smithfield, Utah spent $450 this Valentines day to buy 900 carnations, one for each girl in his school. He really believes that on Valentine's Day, every lady deserves a flower. This year he made sure no one felt excluded. He told Mashable , "If it was up to me, Valentine's wouldn't be a day about couples, but a day about loving your fellow human beings."

His Facebook post with pictures of the flowers has been getting a lot of thank you messages and he clearly brightened a lot of people's day. 

Via: 1-800 Flowers
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It’s that time of the year again, when everyone orders beautiful bouquets of flowers online for mom, and a pile of wilted weeds shows up on the doorstep instead.

And sometimes nothing at all!

There were lots of unhappy 1-800-Flowers customers this Mother’s Day complaining on social media about terrible service and deliveries that didn’t exactly live up to the pictures online.

Some flowers arrived dead, some weren’t even the same product as what was originally ordered.

Many people are posting some interesting before and after images, while others are simply expressing their outrage with nasty messages on their Facebook page.

“Once again another occasion ruined by using 1-800-flowers!” writes one Facebook commenter.

“My mom taught me that you should honor your word and keep your integrity,” writes another. “I guess that has not been taught by the founder or passed down to the company in any shape or form.”

The 1-800-Flowers customer service team is in full recovery mode, per usual, responding to the angry tweets and posts.

And this isn’t the first time this sort of thing has happened. In fact there’s even a hashtag that has emerged for people to vent about the service: #1800FlowersFail.

This past February 1-800-Flowers also ruined Valentine’s Day, with lots of people sharing their miserable looking arrangements online.

Here are some of the latest delivery debacles from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, as well as a few jokes.