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Right-wing, anti-science think tank the Heartland Institute has unveiled a new billboard campaign in its hometown of Chicago that compares those who believe in global warming to the Unabomber, Charles Manson, and Osama bin Laden.

From the group's website:

What these murderers and madmen have said differs very little from what spokespersons for the United Nations, journalists for the "mainstream" media, and liberal politicians say about global warming.

It continues:

The people who still believe in man-made global warming are mostly on the radical fringe of society. This is why the most prominent advocates of global warming aren't scientists. They are murderers, tyrants, and madmen.


Thankfully, spot-on analysis by The Daily Beast's Andrew Sullivan wins the day:

In some ways, this is an almost perfect illustration of what has happened to the "right." A refusal to acknowledge scientific reality; and a brutalist style of public propaganda that focuses entirely on guilt by the most extreme association.


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