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nostalgia nickelodeon hey arnold Hey Arnold! Is Coming Back as a Live Action Movie to Tie up a 14-Year-Old Cliffhanger
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Get ready for another hit of that sweet, sweet nostalgia because Nickelodeon is not done with you yet. Craig Bartlett, creator of Hey Arnold! has just confirmed the greenlighting of a two part Hey Arnold! movie. According to the image and description, it already has a title:

It's official! The two-part, two-hour Jungle Movie is greenlit for production! So glad to be back with my friends at Nickelodeon.

The movie will pick up from the end of the original series after Arnold found a map potentially leading to his long lost parents.  

Transformation Tuesday of The Day: The Voice of Arnold From 'Hey Arnold!' is Now This Bearded God of a Man
Via: Lane Toran
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There is some serious thirst for Arnold, and it isn't coming all from Helga Pataki this time.

Lane Toran voiced the main character Arnold on Nickelodeon classic Hey Arnold during the first season. Now, he's a model and actor living in Los Angeles.

And the Internet has discovered he's a very, very good looking bearded man.

Here's Toran doing his thang on the very first episode of Hey Arnold!, which debuted on October 7, 1996.

And here's what he looks like now...

Move it, Football Head! Right into our hearts.