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Melbourne's Federation Square has been taken over by an 11-and-a-half metre (37.5-foot) baby named 'Ping Pong' made by Australian artist Felipe Reynolds:

The artist wanted the baby to "incorporate everybody in it," he said, "I wanted it to not be white, not be black, not be female, not be male - just be as inclusive as possible, so everybody can relate to it."

According to the Fed website:

"Interaction is key to experiencing this unique inflatable. Through a camera rigged to The Atrium screen (operating between 7am – 10pm) members of the public will find themselves part of the installation. Upon interaction the frame will be flipped horizontally, so it looks like the baby is sitting on the ground and the visitors become the human mobile. On weekdays from 10am – 4pm, during the school holidays, play with the baby via 4 giant rattles (1.5 meters) based beneath the inflatable."

Well, I think we can all relate to it being creepy, if nothing else.

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Anyone ever wanna' get shredded (literally) as you shred the gnar gnar pow pow?

On another note did this fan take it just a bit too far? I mean, 'SkiFree' is arguably the forefather of the infinite runner genre. Do you really tamper with that?

Anyways, for real, this game put a massive sap on nationwide, no, global productivity levels, in offices and schools; but it was totally worth it. In case you find yourself utterly flooded with a wave of nostalgia, revisit 'SkiFree' over here.

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This might actually work if we can yank today's poorly aged Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) out his chain-smoking tent to star as Jigsaw in "The First Act."

Like the grown-up Culkin looks creepy enough without the proverbial sadistic clown face mask. Grantland writer, Jason Concepcion scrooged our last holiday season over when he drew back the curtains on a truth too dark and twisted for any 90's kid to stomach; Kevin McCallister, the blue-eyed, smirking, havoc-wreaking, kid-wonder with an overdeveloped appetite for lighting burglars on fire matures to become Jigsaw from the "Saw" series.

Perhaps most compelling of Concepcion's unfortunately well grounded theory, is his proposal that Jigsaw's inventions mirror what the young Kevin McCallister imagined as some sort of furnace monster in the original Home Alone. Just an arm's reach away from the furnace sits a clown mask that holds an uncanny resemblance to the Jigsaw mask. Uh, okay then.

Concepcion ended his original post after proposing this theory with a neck hair raising, "case closed."

Lawsuit of The Day: Owners of House From 'The Conjuring' Sue Over Trespassing Fans
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Owners of a Rhode Island farmhouse said to be the inspiration behind the 2013 horror film The Conjuring are suing Warner Bros. because enthusiastic fans keep trespassing on their property.

Norma Sutcliffe and Gerald Helfrich say the film intentionally marketed the film as a true story and published the location of their home.

If you forgot about The Conjuring, this horrifying GIF should remind you.

The film follows real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren who visited the home back in the 70s'. It took in $137 million at the box office and was a major hit.

Court documents say the success of the film has caused a headache for the homeowners.

"The property was inundated by curiosity seekers and trespassers who, at all hours of night and day, come to and on to the property, approach and seek to enter the house, take photographs and videos, ignore the 'no trespassing' signs, fences, and barriers installed," court documents state.

Sutcliffe and Helfrich are seeking unspecified damages from Warner Bros., the director and numerous individual trespassers.

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Halloween's just around the corner!

And surely you've thought, "Hey, I'd love to dress up as a large lumpy potato with a horrifying black-eyed stare and a shock of colorful hair just to make the whole thing zing its way into the night terrors of children everywhere."

Well, you are so in luck! Some costume that slightly resembles one of those troll dolls from the 1990s, but more accurately looks like the untold insanity of pure evil, is now available from Joker's Masquerade.

Here's how they describe the thing:

This cute pink Troll Doll costume is both a charming and unusual fancy dress idea.

Includes a brown bodysuit with attached shoe covers, gloves and a rounded padded tummy.

A matching brown headpiece with stuffed nose, ears and a large grinning mouth is also included.

The headpiece is topped with a tuft of bright pink hair which can be styled to your liking.

Please don't dress like this for Halloween. You will surely get chased down the street by maddened villagers looking to destroy the thing they fear most.

"Kill it!" they'll scream. "Kill it with fire!"

Via Legendary
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You know that old legend about the evil version of Santa Claus, right? The one they call Adam Scott.

Just kidding. 

They are finally making a movie based around the nightmarish figure that comes to take bad children away in Germanic lore. 

Look at this nasty dude:

It seems like it should be a no brainer to make one around this, and it's comet to fruition. Not only that, but the trailer doesn't look absolutely terrible. 

It's got some haunting moments and some good imagery. It looks like Kramps himself will be suuuuuper creepy looking. 

Like this:

So, whatever. there are far worse things to base a movie around.