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The Hunger Games has a social media poster problem.
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Well, that's probably not what The Hunger Games' official Twitter account meant.

To mark that there are only 100 days left until the most recent and final Hunger Games movie, Mockingjay Part 2, releases into theaters, the social media team for the Jennifer Lawrence-led franchise tweeted out this poster early on Aug. 14.

There is something pretty dirty, most likely accidentally, hidden within this poster.

Do you see it?

We're not going to tell you exactly what it is, but we can give you a hint.

It's somewhere in this vicinity:

And before you say that it's just our minds stuck in the gutter, the post has already been deleted off of the Twitter account's activity. Luckily, the Internet never forgets.

Tomorrow's another day and they'll probably learn from this graphic design mistake.

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Game of Thrones spoilers may occur. You've been warned.

There's no real reason we can surmise why Katniss Everdeen would aim her bow and the other 12 districts against Jon Snow, or why she would kill Ygritte of all people, but there it is.

By all accounts, Jon Snow had a pretty terrible end of this last season.

And depending on what we recently saw as filming began on Game of Thrones season 6, it might not have been as bad as it looked(?).

Katniss hasn't had an easy life either. So it seems pretty insensitive of her to go after Ned Stark's bastard. Still, the people of Westeros don't live fair lives full of justice.

It's a great mashup and makes us wonder just how Jon Snow would fare in The Hunger Games competition. He'd probably have a terrible time getting sponsors. We all know he's the worst dinner party guest.

Here's the most recent trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, which mercifully directs Katniss away from the Wall:

Via Nerdist
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Warning: Graphic turkey violence.

Did you ever wonder how they choose which turkey gets pardoned by the president?

A bloody farm fight to death obviously.

"Gobble Games" - featuring a "cameo' by Obama - imagines a world where tribute turkeys need to tear each other apart for their freedom.

Remember their sacrifice as you're stuffing yourself with them this week.

IRL thailand hunger games - 8382962432
Via Yahoo
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Students protesting the military coup in Thailand have adopted Katniss' 3-fingered salute from Hunger Games, and "The Capitol" is not happy.

The military-controlled government has banned the gesture, and a movie chain has cancelled all screenings of the latest film "Mockingjay" as a result of the protests and, reportedly, pressure from the police.

Five students were arrested at a speech this week by Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-O-Cha (Thailand's President Snow), wearing shirts that read "Don't Want a Coup."

Chan-O-Cha is denying any involvement in the screening cancellations. He also says he isn't phased by the salute, but warns them all - in a very creepy Snow-like fashion - that this might "jeopardize their futures."

Maybe the government should spend more time watching the movies themselves to learn that trying to silence the people is probably not going to end very well for them.