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Rapper Sofia Ashraf took to YouTube to protest how one company's work practices have hurt the small Indian city of Kodaikanal.

In a video backed by Nick Minaj's Anaconda (AKA Sir Mixalot's Baby Got Back), Ashraf calls out Unilever and a local thermometer factory for damaging the health of workers and polluting water used by the city's citizens with dangerous levels of mercury.

The chorus states:

"Kodaikanal won't
Kodaikanal won't
Kodaikanal won't back down until you make amends now."

The video points viewers to a petition that asks Unilever CEO Paul Polman to clean up the pollution caused by the thermometer factory. It summarizes the plight felt by workers at the factory and its neighbors.

The factory operators did not give its workers any protective equipment or information about the disastrous impact that mercury has on health.

The factory owned by Hindustan Unilever also dumped toxic mercury around their plant, and this has not been cleaned up in the 14 years since this plant was shut down. The contamination continues to impact forests and groundwater.

The workers cannot afford private healthcare. They have been fighting for Unilever to clean up the toxic contamination and compensate them for their medical expenses as a result of mercury for many long years. They need us to stand with them now, more than ever.

The creators of the petition hope to gather 15,000 signatures and have received half that number so far.

If you (somehow) disagree with the politics, you can at least appreciate a very talented rapper making some good music.

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This is what led up to the slap:

Teena: Inhone kaha hai mai brahman ka beta hun, brahman ki jativad ki rajniti to aap hi kar rahe hain. (They have said I am son of Brahman, they are only doing casticism politics.)

Anchor: Bilkul!

Ijaz: Dekhiye...

Teena: ????? ???? saath yahi kehte hai ki mai brahman ka beta hun, yeh rajniti to aap hi kar rahe hain. Fir dono partiyon se aap kaise...
(They only say that I am son of Brahman, they are only doing this politics. Then how can you with both parties...)

Ijaz: Dekhiye aap mujhe jawaab dene dengi ya beech me bolengi,
(Look, will you let me answer or speak in the middle,)

Teena: ????...

Ijaz: ya aap ye rona royengi...
(or will you cry this cry)




Anchor: Mai chahungi ki in dono logon ko audit out kar diya jaye... Teena mai maafi chahungi is tarah ka bartaav aapke saath kiya gaya lekin Aam aadmi ke neta ya fir kisi bhi karya karta ko is cheez ki izajat bilkul bhi nahi di ja sakti ki woh ek mahila ke saath is tarah ki abhadrata kare. Ijaz apko iske liye maafi mangni hogi. Ijaz.
(I will want these both people be audited... Teena I apologize for this kind of behaviour met out to you but Aam Aadmi leader or any worker is not allowed to do such a thing that he does such indecency to a lady. Ijaz for this you will have to apologize. Ijaz.)

Ijaz: Ye zabardasti hai...
(This is coercion...)

Anchor: Izaz aapko maafi maangni padegi.
(Ijaz you will have to apologize.)

Ijaz: Maine koi galat shabd istemaal nahi kiya hai...
(I have not used any wrong word...)

Anchor: Aap TV channel pe baithe hue hain, aapke beech kamre mei yeh behes nahi ho rahi hai. Izaz aapko maafi maangni hogi.
(You are sitting on a TV channel, not debating in your room. Ijaz you will have to apologize.)

Ijaz: Maine ek shabd nahi kaha. ???? ??? ??? jaise shabd istemal kiye hain (slap)
(I have not uttered a single word. ??????? has used words like ????? )

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The Root Bridges of Cherrapunji refer to bridges that are woven from the roots of living rubber trees in the Cherrapunji rainforests of Meghalaya, India. Some of them are more than a hundred feet long, grow over decades and withstand the weight of fifty people. Not only are they environmentally friendly, the bridges are also quite utilitarian since the roots grow stronger over their lifespan. For more info, check out this BBC video.

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A very public sexual assault captured by television cameras in Guwahati, India has many of the country's name celebrities up in arms. The disturbing video shows a woman being attacked by a group of roughly 30 men, with nobody stepping in to help. It took local police half an hour to respond to the incident. Only three people from the gathered mob have been arrested so far.


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