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Clearly Hillary knows that Broad City, Amy Poehler, and #yas are all still hip. Good millennial-reaching strategy Hillary (and team)!

thirsty justin bieber The Thirst is So Real on Justin Bieber's Instagram
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Justin Bieber has been posting creepy throwback photos of his ex on Instagram. In some ways, he's just like everyone else!

This "crazy throwback" just happened to pop up right after Selena Gomez was spotted kissing her new squeeze Niall Horan. What a coincidence! 

At least he can joke about his inabililty to find a lady. 

He just wants somebody to love. At this rate, he'll have to start hitting on fans.... oh, wait. 

He posted this random picture he found of a pretty woman and asked fans to identify her. He's in luck, she was identified as @cindywolfiereal and it seems like she's a Belieber!

Maybe he's just going back to his roots by trying to use the internet to discover a girlfriend the way he was discovered on Youtube way back when. 

2015 baby names list is out and people are naming their baby's after instagram filters
Via: Time
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The parenting site gathered data from more than 340,000 parents in the world, it said, though the findings are unofficial.

Along with Lux, Instagram filter names Ludwig, Amaro, Reyes, Hudson and Kelvin have also increased in popularity for boys, while Juno, Valencia and Willow jumped in popularity for girls., the pregnancy and parenting site also said names of planets and characters on the hit TV show Empire were trending this year. The name Royalty also jumped 88% in popularity for girls.

Here is's top 10 most popular names for both genders this year:

kardashian model instagram Kardashian of the Day: Kendall Jenner Posted a Picture of Herself in the Buff on a Horse... or Not
Via: elisajazz
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Yesterday model and honorary Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, got a lot of attention on Instagram. One can only assume it was an attempt to compete with her older half sister in the continuing Kardashian effort to post naked and "break the internet". In the tasteful black and white image, Kendall appears to be sunning herself on top of a horse. There's only one problem with this picture, it's not Kendall Jenner, it's a French model named Elisa Meliani.  

Anything seem familiar about the pose in this picture? This woman posted the nude picture on her Instagram over a year ago.

The resemblance is there but it's definitely not the same person. She didn't seem to be bothered by her image being used, in fact she may have been flattered. According to the Instagram post where she pointed out that her picture was used we know she's feeling #blessed.  

Instagram of The Day: Artist is Sharing The 'Good News' With Punny Street Signs
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Have you heard the good news?

South African artist Jaco Haasbroek is out to make sure that you do.

His art project, The Good News, places posters of happy news (often with puns) around the city to brighten people's day.

He told Mashable he started the project after seeing a missing dog sign that said "STOLEN."

"It's quite sad when someone loses a pet," he said. "The idea popped into my head that by simply adding 'Our Hearts' at the bottom of the poster, it would completely change its meaning and turn into something positive."

You can check out more of the project on Haasbroek's Instagram.

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One "social media celebrity" is quitting social media because she says she had become consumed.

18-year-old Australian model and vegan YouTuber Essena O'Neill is quitting social media and launching a campaign to help others who want to make the change themselves.

This might seem trivial, but for someone who made thousands of dollars through social media—her career is now in jeopardy.

And she had a lot of followers:

Essena O'Neill, from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, had over 574,000 Instagram followers, more than 250,000 subscribers on YouTube and around 60,000 dedicated Snapchat contacts when she decided to give up her life as a 'social media celebrity'.

In her final YouTube video, O'Neil describes why she is quitting social media.

"I put my value in numbers, not real life people, moments or my natural passions of art, writing...Posting on Instagram consumed me," she wrote.

"We are not followers, we are beings of individuality and love. I have never felt so free."

She said she is leaving her Instagram and YouTube accounts up as documentation of her journey. She even started changing Instagram captions to reveal the truth about sponsored posts and highly edited photos.

Instead of using popular social media platforms, O'Neill has set up a website and blog,, where she will continue to interact with fans and share her content.

Her first challenge to users? Go social media free for one week.

Could you do it?

Jill the Squirrel makes a perfect pet after escaping a hurricane.
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When Hurricane Isaac rammed into Louisiana in 2012, it displaced a lot of people, but it gave at least one animal a new, happy home.

A squirrel, now named Jill, has found an owner who's willing to give her all the love and social media attention she can handle.

The Instagram account thisgirlisasquirrel says it all:

2-year-old Hurricane Isaac rescue. Vegetarian, parkour expert whose only fear is the vacuum. But, she loves every Starbucks napkin she meets.

And the pictures prove that all is well for Jill the squirrel.

She stays warm.

She has friends.

She works out.

She loves snap peas.

She loves America.

And Mexico

She loves fall.

You're killing it, girl. Keep living like you do.

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