Drunk Wizard of the Day: Simon Pegg Apparates to The Tonight Show as an Inebriated Ron Weasley

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For the third time, Simon Pegg flexes his nerd muscles to appear on The Tonight Show as a sloppy drunk Ron Weasley.

The schtick is the same as it ever was: poor Ron Weasley has turned to drink after the world only cares about the exploits of the Boy Who Lived.

His heart's at least in the right place as he shows up on late night to wish his best friends a happy 35th birthday.

Things even have taken a turn for the worse as it appears Hermione left the penniless ginger (again) for someone, probably a Slytherin, else.

Jimmy Fallon tries to both cheer up the soused wizard and protect his talk show audience from Weasley's desire to show his junk.

Humor ensues.

The last time Drunk Ron Weasley appeared on The Tonight Show, it went just about as well.

Scientology Singalong of the Day: Tom Cruise Joins Jimmy Fallon for a Lip Sync Battle

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We don't need to tell you that, as a culture, we have successfully reached Peak Lip Sync.

With Ru Paul's Drag Race entering its eighth season next year, Jimmy Fallon continuing to rely on it as a perennial favorite on The Tonight Show and the celebrity flotsam that is Lip Sync Battle rising from the shallow minds over at Spike, there's more than enough mouthing words while animatedly moving in the world.

With all of that said, it doesn't mean that we shouldn't pay attention when man of metaphysical mystery Tom Cruise grabs the unplugged microphone and squares off against Fallon.

In one fell swoop, Maverick delivers something from The Weeknd and Meatloaf, creating an unexpected duo of delightful drama.

Of course, Jimmy does great work as well. But he was born and bred for this stuff — it's like complimenting how well a duck swims.

Cruise, on the other hand, pleasantly surprises.

Duet of the Day: Chevy Chase Helps Jimmy Fallon Play Piano

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Doctor, will Jimmy Fallon ever be able to play the piano again?

Some thoughtless fan wanted the Tonight Show host to play a song after we all know he almost lost his finger in a truly terrifying accident.

The good guy that he is decided to go ahead and make some music, but he needed some help.

Luckily, Chevy Chase also hurt himself in a filthy way (we'll let him tell you what happened) and he stepped in to give The Tonight Show a little soul.

It's just about time for Chase to start making the press rounds for the return of the Griswolds as the awful-looking Vacation reboot? sequel? opens July 29.

As far as the trailer shows, Chase is only in it for cameo purposes, but marketing is marketing.

Cake of the Day: Vin Diesel Celebrates His Birthday with a Reminder that He's a Huge Nerd


My birthday cake...Thanks for the love...

Posted by Vin Diesel on Sunday, July 19, 2015
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In case you forgot that Vin Diesel was a big geek, he shamelessly reminded you on his Facebook page July 19.

The big man was celebrating his 48th birthday in his own style with this gorgeous cake shaped like Dungeons & Dragons books.

Diesel has long been open about his fandom with the table top role playing game and about how it helped him shape his identity and build confidence

He also said as much to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show.

Spit Take of the Day: Bill Hader and Jimmy Fallon Cover Each Other in Food

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Bill Hader visited The Tonight Show July 16 and if you think it was just to promote his new movie Trainwreck, think again.

Instead, we were all treated to an extended 'clip' of the cop show Point Pleasant Police Department, an 'old' show that Hader and Jimmy Fallon 'used to co-star in together'.

Essentially this is just an excuse to spit out food and drink on each other while prouncing 'P' words.

The thing has one joke. And it's nine minutes long. Fortunately, they can't stop laughing about it and neither can we.

Nothing about this concept deserves to be as funny as it turns out. Hader and Fallon are just pros at not being pros.

What makes this nonsense extra delightful is thinking about former Tonight Show hosts doing this skit. Imagine Jay Leno or Johnny Carson doing this. They wouldn't go near such a disgusting and hilarious bit. 


Comedic Duo of the Day: Jerry Seinfeld & Miranda Sings Go for a Drive, Play Pictionary

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In the most recent episode of "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee", Jerry Seinfeld teamed up Internet weirdo and YouTube star Miranda Sings.

The character, created by comedian Colleen Ballinger in 2008, performs awkward music covers and wears too much lipstick, much to the delight/dismay of her millions of subscribers.

This is the first time an Internet celebrity has been on the show, and she didn't break character the entire episode - or drink any coffee for that matter.

Most recently, the two also appeared on "The Tonight Show" to play Pictionary, and all of it was pure comedic gold.

That's gold Jerry! Gold!

Cumberbatch of the Day: Benedict Plays 3-Word Stories with Jimmy Fallon

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Can we please just give Benedict Cumberbatch a show already, where he sits in front of a camera all day doing impressions, dancing like Beyonce, playing games, and telling us all about penguins?

On "The Tonight Show" Monday, he continued his media tour to promote his new movie "The Imitation Game," by playing Three-Word Stories with Jimmy Fallon, i.e. discussing unicorns and booty.