Twitter Meme of the Day: Kids Thank Michelle Obama for Gross Food

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Michelle Obama has spent a great deal of her time as First Lady promoting healthy eating. The Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act, which was signed into law in 2010, allocated funding to provide more nutritious foods in schools and established new USDA guidelines.

And to thank her for her efforts, the kids are complaining.

Students across the country are posting pictures of the very unappetizing school lunches on Twitter with the hashtag "#ThanksMichelleObama." The trend seems to have re-emerged, as kids were doing this back in April of this year as well.

Healthy as they may be - some of the pictures posted on Twitter are pretty horrid looking.

It also seems to have morphed into a bit of a meme with everyone jumping in to share their "lunch."

Thanksgiving Song of the Day: All About That Baste

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Remember that family that rapped about their Christmas pajamas last year? Don't want to remember that?

Well either way, they are back again and jumping on the Meghan Trainor parody bandwagon, with a song about basting turkeys.

Warning: Very SFW.

Schadenfreude of the Day: Parents Make Kids Cry By Pretending to Eat Their Halloween Candy

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For the fourth year in a row, Jimmy Kimmel has encouraged parents to make their kids cry, film it, and publish it online for all to see.

The method for making them upset: pretending to eat all of their Halloween candy.

Here's a collection of some of the best submissions, according to Kimmel. And as terrible as it all might sound, the result is hilarious.