So This Exists of the Day

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Megaupload founder and reviled copyright infringer Kim Dotcom, whose January arrest in New Zealand revealed some glaring panic room design flaws, has a message for President Barack Obama and Hollywood. In "Mr. President", Mr. Dotcom stages a mini-protest against the system, complete with the requisite imagery:

  • Ubiquitous Guy Fawkes masks? Check.
  • Portraying the President as a puppet? Check.
  • Comparing his "dream" to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s? Sure, why not.


PSA of the Day

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PSA of the Day: Megaupload shuttered by the feds! Its employees arrested overseas! Its multimillion-dollar assets seized! Its archenemies brought down by Anonymous! Its CEO... is Alicia Keys husband?!

We're following the developing drama over at TDW: Geek, and you should too.